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    Does anyone know about amazon seller accounts?

    So here is the deal.
    I am in the military and I was at the exchange today.
    The exchange is usually a little bit cheaper and there is no tax.
    So while i was there i noticed they had some beats by dre headphones on sale for $99 dollars.
    So it got me thinking well i was already thinking i wanted to invest some money when i get my taxes back...should be on weds and looking to drop 1k on some product.

    So i started looking at amazon seller.

    So pretty much i could buy these for $99 sell em on there for lets say since they sell for 150 i would sell them for 140 for incentive. Along with other crap i find there that will sell.
    Essentially i wouldnt even have to invest cause i could just go pick some up if someone orders it and send it in the mail.
    amazon would take a cut of 20 dollars but even so thats 20 dollars profit for me.

    But everyone has there stupid used ones on there for like 100...and when i signed up for a seller account for free i can only add used products unless i get the pro merchant thing for 40 bucks a month.

    So my understanding is that you can create new products right?

    So can I list these as new? Cause essentially they are. or is that going to cause confilict with the actuall maker who sells them on amazon. Or would my description and name have to be different and i would just hope it pops up in there search?