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Aug 11, 2009

here are some stats for my site please help me value it

Alexa Traffic Rank the real one

pr 4

traffic rarely drops below 500 a day - and goes up to over a 1000

1 year old renewed hosting for a year this month

has realistic potential to rank for a kw with 140 k Global monthly searches

is at serp 29 at the moment just needs a good scrapebox blast or x rumer will work on that

I m looking to sell once i get in the top 10 ( if I can ) & decrease alexa rank with fake traffic

spent money modifying the footer ($60)

revenue so far is $180 from addsense - can increase alot when it ranks for the KW + $60 dollars from one ad for 6 months - can sell more

The USP is the Kw it can rank for and teh potential for cash from this - its all about the sell (so ive read on here )

what do you reckon its worth - I was thinking around $1900 --- is that too much ?
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12 months of revenue should be your price.

10 x 260 = 1600 that sounds about right

looking at some of teh stuff people try and flog on thier makes my wanna sell it for a bt more nearer 3-4 k -- ive written stuff on it for a year or so daily -
anyone one wanna throw any guess in
- a ballpark figure right off the top of your head -- ( think i made the post too long )

just throw some numbers at me

There are so many other factors that will determine the value of your site.

Properly monetized, Amount of Backlinks, Domain name, Domain age, Design all carry a weight in deciding how much your site is worth.

Where is your traffic comming from?

Websites that get more search traffic are more valuable.

Hope that helps.
Hello nice1,

In your post you mentioned "+ $60 dollars from one ad for 6 months " . Does that mean you get 10$ per month from that ad or that you will get 60$ for the next 6 months ?

Now let's analyze a bit your website , shall we?

Here are some important questions that you can ask yourself before putting it on auction.

Why I want to get rid of it? If there is no urgent thing or something else you could keep it and improve it over time .

Are there any ways to improve the site revenue ?

This is a very important question because the value of the website when it will be on auction will be the "revenue per month x 12 " and if you have good search rankings it would be even better.

You mentioned that it is a PR 4 Website and you are having just one ad on the website? You could advertise space for links on your website. The monthly price for a link on your PR4 Website should be around 15$ so if you have like 10 links that would be 150$ monthly revenue . With this you could double or even triple the value of the website.

Does your website graphics look good?

If your website can be improved then don't be afraid to spend an amount of money on graphics because this will count a lot when selling it.


I'd be interested in buying the site and paying a fair price if all the traffic and income stats check out. If you're interested you can PM me details on the site.
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