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    I am in two minds about whether to go for as a domain or a brandable site i.e

    Btw, I already have my Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated.

    Which site would be more memorable?

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    Depends on your business. If you are branding yourself "as is" meaning as your name then go with the real name. If you will be branding the company name then go with that....pretty easy but once you get the domain do not stray away. Promote one or the other Name or Biz name.
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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I agree with SEORasta that it depends on your business. If you are trying to build a brand, I'd go with a unique domain and get some branding put together (logo, colors, fonts, etc). Image what would be if it was Not sure it would be as successful.

    But if you're trying to promote yourself as a brand for professional services, your name could be advantageous. Certain niches, like attorneys and accountants are best-served by putting their name out there.

    So its all about the brand. If its a blog, only go with the name if its a "personal" blog. Most likely I'd go with a brand name though... gives your customer a chance to know who you are in a word, is a unique name that you own, and most of all its usually more scalable. But hey Turner Media, Bloomberg, etc. But note they're all Turner Media, Bloomberg News, etc. Still needs to be clear what you do just in the name.