seeking non rotating residential proxy provider


Apr 24, 2019
Seems Luxsocks is shutting down. VIP72 is also gone. AMWEB shut down?
Seeking non rotating resi proxies, Socks5
Need IPs to last for days and longer.
Any recommendations?
Some 4G mobile proxy providers now have SOCKS support. The rotation, for mobile proxies there's a normal rotation/24hrs or every time the device is restarted. This is a natural behaviour and you'd want that. Static IPs don't tend to live long.
I'm also curious as to who has similar services. I was using LS for few years now and their service was top tier. Sad to see them exiting the game.
Great question. I have no suggestions other than to report that now S5 is also shut down.
Also forget about using 911, they are a scam because they charge you a 70% "fee" every month if you want to pay with bitcoin. for example, $20 fee to buy their $28 plan for a month. clearly just trying to rip users off
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