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Seeking Music Promo Affiliates

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by ryanisme, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. ryanisme

    ryanisme Newbie

    Apr 16, 2010
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    trying to make money online
    In my head mostly. Not a nice place.
    I don't want to eat up too much space, but there is a story involved here.

    You may have seen an old post I made about my mother and I living with a drug addict. Well that situation got a bit better for a while, but has returned with a vengeance. But that doesn't matter because now we are all being evicted because the new land lord wants to remodel the apartment and jack up the rent.

    I make a bit of money here and there online, but mostly I take care of my mother who is disabled. I am otherwise unemployable. So we are stuck in the position of having a bunch of stuff happening all at once, the worst being having to find a new place to live and take care of car tags (my mother is recovering from a rebroken femur so we let it slide, we weren't expecting to be evicted). I am trying to get the ball rolling on donating plasma, but I don't drive due to anxiety issues and that's not a lot of money. Between the tags, a deposit, and probably the first month's rent, plus getting utilities turned on, etc... Plus all the month to month expenses, it's not a good situation for us.

    So now you have the essential back story, there is more going on that is exacerbating things but it would drag this out.

    I don't have much to sell. My music is about it. So I have set up an account on the site sellfy and am selling a collection of what I think are my best tracks. A limited time offer in my time of emergency.
    I produce music under the name Acidhedz, you can find me on soundcloud and youtube under than name. I can give you specific links to tracks in the collection if you message me.

    The Collection consists of 3 albums in high quality lossless format. 2 dubstep, Grime Central Station and My Dub Go Wub Wub. And a new trance/dance album I haven't even released yet. Plus an album and EP in mp3 format. The 5 song EP is new school dubstep/brostep. The album is an oldschool dubstep/horror movie soundtrack style album called The Beast Of Blue River.

    The Beast Of Blue River:
    1. Serial Thrill Killer
    2. In the 1st Degree
    3. Creeping Up On You
    4. Body Count Rises
    5. There's Something On The Road
    6. It's Alive
    7. The Crying Turns Him On
    8. Louis Alonso Barbosa

    My Dub Go Wub Wub:
    1. Doppleganger
    2. Fingered By Bass
    3. Dubgasm
    4. Sit On The Sub Woofer
    5. LSDubstep
    6. Belladonna
    7. Comet Drop
    8. Dubstep In My Pants
    9. Stubbed My Toe and Dropped The Base
    10. My Robot is Epileptic
    11. Drop The Bass Jokes

    No Reason EP:
    1. Zombie Dance
    2. No Reason
    3. Scratch N Groove
    4. Slasher
    5. Sound the Alert

    Grime Central Station:
    1. Bassa Blockers
    2. Doobie Dubby
    3. Grime Central Station
    4. Old School Dub Step
    5. Klick Klack Mack
    6. Dubstastic
    7. Spicy Dubby
    8. Smooches
    9. Robot Grime
    10. Just Dance (Dubstep Mix)
    11. If That's What You Call Love (dubstep/punk/metal)
    12. Deadly Dubby
    13. Crazy Grind
    14. Coming In For A Rough Landing
    15. Acidhedz Hustle

    Music For Parties (trance/dance):
    1. Angelic Relics Of The Dream
    2. Do You Love Me
    3. Temporal Zones
    4. Advantages Aren't a Crime... Yet.
    5. Wisdom Don't Give A S***
    6. Last Night's Friendship
    7. Sexy Abnormalities
    8. Happy Go Lucky Boyo
    9. Find Your Peace
    10. Glistening Soundwaves
    11. Get Bach To Da Club

    People who like intense bass, catchy dance tracks, and generally indie electronica music should enjoy the collection.

    I am selling the collection for $9.99 and have set up an affiliate program for 40% of the sale. sellfy.com/aff/oVd6xf/

    My goal is to sell around 100-150 copies or so in the next 30 days. I know a bit under 4 $ isn't a lot for you to make, and selling indie music isn't the easiest of things to freelance for. But I would appreciate anyone trying. I would rather try to sell something than just begging. Maybe you feel like doing a good deed for someone in need, and you can make some money doing it.

    Thank you for your time and consideration either way. Sorry if I bothered you.
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  2. YourMoneyButton

    YourMoneyButton Senior Member

    Dec 1, 2013
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    Automating The Web
    Sorry to hear about your situation, hopefully somebody here can help you out.
  3. john1444

    john1444 Elite Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    Miami, FL
    You should look beyond the online community to get help quick. I have met a few artists here and hope some of them reach out to you soonest.
  4. ryanisme

    ryanisme Newbie

    Apr 16, 2010
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    trying to make money online
    In my head mostly. Not a nice place.
    I am looking for any help I can get. There are a couple of places in town that have programs for people in situations like we are, but they have waiting lists and aren't always available.

    I have also set up some cyber begging stuff around the web as well, but that sort of thing is even more hit and miss. I would much prefer to raise the money by selling my music anyway.

    I don't need to sell 10,000 units, just 150 or so. If everyone that had checked out this post today (117 views) had signed up for the affiliate program and shared the collection with their lists, friends and family I would already be well on my way. Not trying to shame anyone, but it's the truth. I don't need specialists in music promotion, just people willing to put my collection of music in front of some eyeballs in exchange for part of the sale.

    Sorry about the tone this might have, but I am very stressed out right now. Sometimes I feel like there is a voice in the ear of the universe telling everyone to ignore me. And although I appreciate you taking the time to tell me you are sorry about my situation, what I NEED is the wizards and Warlocks of marketing on this site to throw me a bone and get my collection out in front of people.

    I know there are people on this site that could get the numbers of sales I need with a single email. That is why I posted here. I hate begging, which is why I made it an affiliate program. You aren't doing it for free, but you are doing me a solid. Someday I may be able to return the favor, or you might need someone to do you a solid. Maybe you already have been in my position and gotten help, or even worse... not.

    Again, I am sorry if I am coming across as an A-Hole right now, but in my view well wishes, prayers, sorries and such are empty excuses to stand back and do nothing while someone is pleading for mercy.

    A single email or post is all I ask. The site shows 677 members on the site right now. If 25% of them sent out one email, or one post... I would have what I need to be able to sleep in some manner of peace heading into the next few weeks. Normally that is something no one can put a price on. Peace of mind. But right now my peace of mind does have a price 500-750$ Enough to cover the car tags, a deposit and moving.

    That is what I need. People willing to help me find some peace and make a few dollars doing it.

    Again, I am sorry if my tone of voice has shifted here, but desperation and stress do not breed the most eloquent of mind sets. If there is another board here I should have posted in, tell me and I will. I thought the nature of my request seemed more along the lines of looking for freelance workers, so I posted in this board.
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  5. ryanisme

    ryanisme Newbie

    Apr 16, 2010
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    trying to make money online
    In my head mostly. Not a nice place.
    Well... once again I'm standing in the middle of a crowd shouting at the top of my lungs and no one can hear me. It's just me against everyone, because no one can hear me. No one cares. No one is listening to my cries down here in the darkness.

    I guess it's time to find a dark hole to crawl in and just give up