Seeking guidance to automating java games with image recognition.

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by xeniusw, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Jan 24, 2014
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    Hello there BHW, I didn't really know where to ask this, so I am trying my luck here and hopefully one of you smart guys will be able to help me.

    I recently, DL'ed iMacros 9 from here, and it's been working great for automating text-based tasks on the internet, the thing is that I really want to be able to automate image recognition tasks, and make it continue(skip step) if image isn't found & also keep looping till stopped, iMacros has all these features except I am unable to run any java applications alongside which is a must! The image recognition feature is only available inside the program itself and it doesn't support any kind of add-ons so I can't use it for java games, and the various iMacros browser add-ons doesn't support image recognition. Therefore my question is to you guys whether or not if you can help me find a similar program to recognize images and do tasks based on the images shown/found on the screen. I've also tried using Sikuli without luck since it isn't optimal for what I am trying to do, as the clicking has to be almost instant, and I can't have 3 second delays between clicks.

    If you need more information please let me know!

    I really, really hope you guys can help me with some kind of solution or give me some guidelines to work with, if your help is what I need I can promise a donation since I'v been looking for this for many, many years. I do know this is possible and therefore it's also very frustrating for me to keep searching without any kind of solution to my problem.

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    I didn't quite understand what you are trying to do but try looking up OpenCV.