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Seeking advice on Email marketing

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by ZM1984, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. ZM1984

    ZM1984 Newbie

    Sep 26, 2013
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    Hi All

    I am very new to this whole email marketing thing - and I was hoping that some more experienced members of this forum would be willing to spend a couple of minutes of their time to review my proposed set-up prior to me going and spending money on the required software.

    My goal for bulk emailing is to generate RFQ's for my business.
    I do not want to send millions of emails every hour, have people click on links, etc etc
    The amount of emails that I wish to send each day is very small as well, between 500~750 emails. What is important to me is that these emails arrive in the recipients inbox, and not in the spam folder.

    I have been researching these forums for the past couple of weeks, and have come up with the following as a framework for how I intend to run the mailing system. I would welcome any constructive feedback, or pointers from all of you who are much more experienced than myself at bulk mailing.
    Thankyou in advance for taking the time to read and provide comment on this.

    Proposed process flow and software;

    1) Obtain email addresses using email scraper - Software: GSA Email Spider
    2) Verify email addresses and remove any dead emails - Software: GSA Email Verifier
    3) Generate marketing email - Software: 1&1 Mail to generate both Plain Text/HTML Format email
    4) Check the email for SPAM rating - Website: spamtest_dot_com
    5) Send out emails (500-750 per day) - Software: 1&1 Email +25 Proxies purchased from squidproxies_dot_com Emails set to random delays and proxy rotate

    That is pretty much the plan that I have come up with at present - there are a couple of points which i would be grateful if some of you with the experience could answer?

    VPS - As the quantity of emails that I want to send is quite small (500-750 per day), is it recommended that I use a VPS service, or is that just overkill?

    Email Addresses - I plan to generate a number of email addresses from my "go-daddy" purcahsed domain, will this sufice? or do I need some kind of special email addresses? Everything that I read suggests SMTP, and I believe that I can get these settings straight from go daddy, and then run the email sending software through my proxies.....at least thats how I think it works, but I could be completely wrong....

    Metrics - I am not sure if 1&1 email provides any kind of statistical analysis included in the package whereby I can track if my emails are making it to the inbox, and they are getting opened and read or not? If anybody knows if this function is included, can you please let me know?
    If not, are there any 3rd party tracking/metric software that I can purchase and link in with 1&1 email in order to track the effectivness of my email campaign?

    I think that about covers it - I welcome your comments and suggestions please!