- what affiliate program???

I swear to god 99% of the threads i've read today have people that have 0 grammar skills. Have the Chinese invaded bhw?
It would be nice if you had someone that spoke better english to review your question because no one can make heads or tails of what your asking.
This thread makes perfect sense and I'm bumpin it because i'd like to know the same. He's asking who is the adult affiliate sponsor for the site seekbang dot com. They don't have a normal set up. Anyone Know?
seekbang seems to be a small site. I dont know if anyone uses that. But a little clarity on the question will be of great help.
Fling is funded by some drugcartel dudes. To me that sounds dirty.
mrsmith I can assure you fling is not funded by a drugcartel. You have them mistaken for another similar company.
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