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    hey y'all, my name is Mr. Riot and I run riotseeds. - I'm setting up my site right now...I used COffeeCup Shopping Cart Creator, however it only accept paypal and google checkout.... As I've learned in the past from other friends running sites like these paypal likes to yank your money and shut account down. I've been looking into sites like Liqpay...seems okay but I've never hear dany reviews from anyone on it. I really would love to get an offshore merchant account or find a Spanish or Dutch or UK site LIKE paypal that has a more cannabis friend terms of service... I'd also liek to find a better shopping cart that may be able to interface with a site like that. I'm a front end web developer and can play with PHP a BIT but when it comes to SQL and databases I suck super hard. Anyway I was going to see if anyone had any advice for me on what I could do to make this work. Note: C - Seed sales are legal in the UK, Spain, and Amsterdam currently, as well as Austria. My server is Go Daddy, so that kind of worries me, I'd prefer to be anonymous, so I'm interested in changing that. I found this site and it was liek a dream come true with all of you knowledgeable folks.