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See how Twitter bots are used as crisis communication tools !

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Emp1!, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Dec 10, 2012
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    First, this post has NOTHING to do with politics. If you want to express your point of view about Right or Left, BHW is not the place.
    I read an excellent article in French today, and you can read it with G Translate, no problem : https://fr.lakome.com/index.php/maroc/1234-twitter-les-robots-de-sa-majeste

    Do you know anything about DanielGate? In Short:
    The case Galvan is a scandal caused by the release of Daniel Galvan ViƱa, a Spanish citizen, convicted pedophile (I do not know the English word for pedophile) and imprisoned in Morocco, then released in the name of good relations between both Moroccan and Spanish kingdoms.

    To prevent free information circulation, some people, maybe in charge of Morocco State security, maybe not, used a lot of bots on Twitter to literally spam critical hashtags.

    tweeter robot10 liste.jpg tweeter robot m6 total.jpg tweeter robot manif total.jpg tweeter robot ministere.jpg

    Bots has not profile pic, no followers, no previous history...
    100% fake :dance:

    So what is you opinion about it?

    Is it fair?
    Did you see this in other case?
    Will you promote them (who is them?) BHW services? :D