Secure Your Wordpress From Hacking Through These Tips

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    Million answers on how to prevent wordpress from being hacked are available online. The only issue is that most of the answers are not updated. Some of them were posted as far back as six months, one year and even two years and more. You cannot tell me hackers have not worked on their hacking tools to break through such anti-hacking tips. That is why following those outdated and old ideas on how to prevent wordpress from being hacked can put you in serious disappointment and danger. In this thread, you will get updated tips on how to secure your wordpress from being hacked. Below are some of the updated tips you need to secure your wordpress blog from hacking.

    Update Your Wordpress Version

    One of the most important tips to securing your wordpress blog from hacking is updating to the latest version. This is because in every newly released wordpress versions there is always correction in the security holes discovered in the earlier version. So, when you frequently update your wordpress blog you will stand better chance of securing it from being hacked. In order to find out latest wordpress update you have to follower wordpress feed, BlogSecurity and Wordpress Development.

    Backup Your Wordpress Blog to Secure It from Hackers

    Backing up your wordpress blog is crucial and extremely important when you want to secure your blog from being hacked. Just backup your wordpress blog before making changes on your blog. The backup buddy is recommended as it will help you backup your whole blog. This is not like the plug-in that only ends up backing up the database.

    Change Login Details

    Your login details are the easier means of hacking to your wordpress blog. So, it is important for you to make it a point of duty to be changing your wordpress login details frequently. Make sure you delete the default login/password to your wordpress blog and create your own custom login detail. That will go a long way in securing your wordpress blog from hacking.

    Put your wordpress keys in wp-config.php

    The wordpress key in wp-config.php is going to help to increase of security to your wordpress blog. This is said to function a salt to cookies in wordpress thereby helping to security your wordpress blog completely against hack through better data encryption. You can generate the keys using Wordpress Key Generator. That will give you the chance of securing your wordpress blog from hack.

    Get WP Security Scan Installed in your Wordpress blog

    Installing WP Security scan on your wordpress blog is another move towards securing your wordpress blog from hack. The plug-in is just what you need to enjoy absolute protection to your wordpress blog. The interesting thing here is that it works automatically. That means you will not even need to do anything to control it once you set it up on your wordpress blog. Go ahead and implement these tips and your wordpress blog will no longer be hacked.