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    Here's what you need to know...

    • Those who are relentless find comfort in discipline. For them, hard work is cleansing, good for body and mind.
    • Dogma be damned. The relentless will drop what's not working, while the weak-willed have to fit into cliques, label themselves, and adopt cult-like thinking.
    • The relentless know that personal responsibility is the foundation of mental strength.
    • Everyone is obsessed with something; the relentless person has simply chosen that obsession wisely. He or she is productively obsessed.

    The relentless. The people who know what they want, make a plan to get it, and always follow through. Those who never seem to lose their passion and are always on track. The ones who get results.

    Working hard when life gets hard makes people more resilient. Complaining, wallowing in self-pity, and blaming others in the face of difficulty gets people addicted to victimhood. And that adopted attitude of weakness can spread like a cancer. It causes learned helplessness and habitual pussification.

    When life gets hard, work hard. Fight back, kick your own ass before anyone else has the chance ? you'll steal their power. Can you think of a better remedy when life's circumstances have you feeling powerless?

    And once the dust settles with tough issues, the relentless find it even easier to double down. Their inner dialogue tells them that if they were able to muster up discipline during the hard times then they sure as hell can't relinquish their power when life gets easier.

    There are people who never take action yet seem to always be looking for the best way to accomplish their goal. They want everything to be tested out (by other people) and then they want to compare those results to other results, and then they want an analysis done by a trusted source who has also tried it.

    Fear of failing. Fear of being the only beginner in a room full of experienced people. Maybe even a fear of commitment. So they wait for someone else to tell them whether or not it's worth the effort. The real story? People who make excuses are people who are afraid.

    The relentless want to see for themselves. If something doesn't work, they want to find out firsthand. Why? Because what seems like too much of an effort to one person might actually be worth it to another. The relentless know this, so they won't become naysayers against any one method until they've tried it out for themselves.

    Stay focused, Stay Positive.. Have a great day :) - BE RELENTLESS
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