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    Hello there.I have an offering I want to bring to you. I have been developing a Service called Secret RSS. I am currently in BETA and need people to beat the tires. What is Secret RSS?

    SecretRSS is the latest in Secure RSS feeds! This service is amazing! Imagine a single point to push out original content to all your PBN sites with ease. Secret RSS provides Unlimited Feed Categories, your own API to keep your Feeds private and secure. Article publishing that supports spintax and Word AI integration for getting you started!
    What you will see is truly amazing. RSS feeds that are unique each time it is pulled by your PBN. Don't worry about duplicate content ever again! With GUID you will never post an article more then once even if the content has changed!!

    Did I mention Free WordAI integration?

    We are in Beta so come to the site and Sign Up today!
    If you are interested in the free Beta sign up today

    What I need is someone to help me market this site. Are you interested?

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