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Searching for stock. Market samuari?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by britmat, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. britmat

    britmat Newbie

    Apr 8, 2013
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    Hoping someone can help a little. Dont even know if this is in the correct section let me know and I will repost.
    So I've been selling for years on and off. For a while i used terapeak. Then i did my own research and came up with some decent stock and also vero stuff till i got permanently suspended from selling couple months back.

    Anyway i start trading officially Monday (TODAY now i wrote this a couple of days ago). This business is going to be my 100% full time occupation. Really financially struggling right now and the Christmas present list for kids isn't making things any easier. Im applying for a loan to help fund this so I can start running.

    Now I know roughly a couple of categories i will sell in but id like some help on learning to use keywords as I never have. I have a free trial of market samurai also.
    Is it possible to find, lets say i wanted to know the most popular section in all supermarkets then the top ten most popular products in that section. And then the most popular accessories for those products?

    How do i do this? I need a good guide on how i can do this can anyone help? i know I sound like a thicko here but although Im not completly stupid i can be a little slow here and there. Or any good advice.

    Also accounts / bookkeeping this is what really scares me. I think i understand that every item sold needs to be logged in a spreadsheet for that day. Every item bought needs to be logged each day. Then at the end of each month all expenses incoming and outgoing need to be logged on a spreadsheet for that previous month.

    Literally craping myself. But need to give it one decent shot to see if I can make a living as a seller as I enjoy it.