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    Hi again, I'm starting a new project this days, the goal : get results by next week; the handicap : only use free tools and services.

    I know you have hear this many times before ( I'm new in the forums but I spent many hours since I joined just reading the pages of the forum, and even if I only grasped the top I know there is a lot of great information here, and also many people whom gets in and ask how to make "easy and quick" money before sunrises tomorrow, but this is different xD

    How is this different you may ask, well even if I haven't succeed yet, I have invested many years reading marital, learning new stuff and most important of all, doing stuff.... so when I think about a project like this, I know what u are thinking, whenever u get any result, you will be leaving most of profit in the table by doing it "the wrong way", in another words, like someone who have a small personal blog but its not aware of the valuable traffic he has access to, and he happened to rank for a really nice "hot and buyers" keywords yet he only have Adsense for monetizing the blog, you could say he may be making a mistake by not getting into affiliate marketing, or even more, he should maybe, start to get a email lists from his followers and then market that a good example?

    So I'm not lucking for the "big money", even if that would change my life xD I just want to learn and get results, for my self, because I believe I can and I won't give up even after the first decade of "failure", for example, yeah I won't try to build a list for this project, but If I succeed you bet I will do that later in this and another projects maybe.

    What I am after and what kinda recommendations I am lucking for then? Well I know you hate to spoon feed here xD so I will present to you my idea, and model my plan in based a recommendations for the sake of saving time ( time its the goal but its my second handicap here ).

    The problem idea can change in based of the recommendations, but lets just try this, I am asking help basically, because I don't have time to "learn the hard way" this time.

    What will I do? well If the recommendation don't go to much against this, I was thinking about building Micro Blogs , attacking 5 niches and making at least 2 Micro Blogs for each Niche.

    Recommendations here : Whats the "best" free hosting service to go for it? I user wordpress and webhost000 and many other free hosting, learned some of then go down if u get too much traffic, even when they say "no limit" :( sadly I tried so many along the years I don't remember my best expereince, but Im pretty sure webhost000 was one of those "bad ones" , for domain I need a free one too and I usually create .tk domains. Its better to use just plain blogger? I also have a blogger blog around and its pretty stable for the what should I pick here?

    Even if I use free hosting and domains I think its healthy for me to still work on keywords and create content with great keywords and long tail ones to complete the blog with interest subjects for the visitors ( but I also do drive most of the traffic from related facebook, twitter and pinterest accounts, some times group related targeted groups, sometimes more broad audience from "exchanging retweets" sites ) .

    So I'm a fan of affiliate networks, but so far my experience with click backs wasn't much of a great business for me, for results I got a ridiculous small corvertion rate, something like %0.001, getting 1000s of clicks, but only a few customers actually getting to buy section, and even less people buying, after 2 months I got 3 sales, 2 refunds :( healthy food related books and motivation for success book.

    So this time I was thinking to try CPA ( cost per action ) even if after my clickbank plan fail, I make a twist to the campaigns and decided to target mails stead of buyers, promoting a money making course ( google sniper and another one, click bank something xD ) why? because I got a copy of google sniper years ago and reading it helped me a lot and saved me a lot of time, u get live example of steps, even if you don't succeed u learn a lot and opens your minds for a lot of process, so thats why I decided to promote that, fail again no one wanted the freebies I was offering apparently .

    So CPA...I belive I can't reach my customers heart enough to buy a product from me while using free tools maybe, but I sure I can make someone click or take some actions, what CPA Networks you recommend???? It would be awesome if they pay through payoneer too. Please share ur lately experience about this subjetc and help me save some time and getting into CPA with success for this project :D

    --------------------so, what the plan so far?

    5 Niches - 2 blogs per niche = using only free tools and services = monetization trough CPA ( Extra "bonus" I currently count on : a 500 fan facebook page under my control for "motivation niche" with access to many 40 groups in various niches, a 1.200 followers parkour and "various" boards pinterest account, 5 twitter account with around 200 followers each, a forgotten tumbler account 1000 or so followers, stable " few months old " not spammed or hurt yet Reddit account and last but not least, ad 400 followers G+ account with 54k views with access to many and various populated niche groups and circles!)

    Thanks for your time I am lucking forward to have a nice conversation through the comments section about this tonight! :)
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