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    I found new things while doing searches with YouTube.

    the search used is : google

    here's the results. I don't think I have to describe anything. I know it is obvious that the results are different, but that might make you wonder what happens with different keywords used =)

    English (UK - US) resuls :

    french :

    deutsch :

    That's something you should remember : checking with different languages in what position your videos are ranking. As most of views (I think) comes from the English language settings, I think you should optimize mainly for that language.

    why I did this small search ? I found a video that had 0 views uploaded some hours ago and was ranked #1 on a very very competitive keyword search (12 views last time I checked, 1 hour ago). sounds funny as I just rechecked again it dropped to page #2. =)

    One sentence : target your language page for best results.

    Edit: searched an another keyword that has high competition (english settings - challenges even videos with up to 17mil views lol). #3 video: 3 days ago, 500 views. #4 video same thing. very funny. really like this, beats widely my video ranked #10...
    Edit 2 : searched something else. my video gets owned in rank by a miserable 1 view 5 days ago. GREAT...
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