Script to confirm mass friend requests?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by stang1101, Mar 27, 2014.

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    I knew there use to be some java scripts that did this. Does anyone still use any that are working? Thanks
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    We have this.

    You can download and use it for FREE.
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    FB friends approve - script for auto-approval or rejection of requests for adding to friends.
    [h=3]Functionality.[/h] The script automatically accepts or rejects requests for confirmation of friendship in Facebook.
    • Script 100% emulates human actions. It makes random delay duration between particular commands.
    • Almost all the transitions between pages are carried out mainly by clicking on the link instead of typing them into your browser . These features of our scripts is very important to work with Facebook, whose software is very effective to detect bots unusual for human activity.
    • Supports simultaneous independent operation with many Facebook accounts. Maximum number of simultaneous scripts depends on the power of the computer. So while testing on a computer with 16 GB of RAM we started and normally worked about 50 copies of the script.
    • The script works with portable version of the browser Google Chrome, supplied as part of the script. Everything needed for the script parameters specified in text configuration files. For each Facebook accounts should be created your configuration file.
    • The script can work through a proxy. The following types of proxy http(s), socks4 and socks5. The script does not support the automatic input login/password for proxy authentication, so if you buy a proxy for working with a script from a third party service, please specify that you want the proxy authorization by IP address.
    • The script automatically logs in Facebook, using the login/password specified in the configuration files. In further work, script uses cookies for authentication.
    • The script handles all requests for confirmation of friendship with a time delay, the parameters of which are defined in the configuration file.
    • For more plausible imitation of man, the possibility processes requests blocks, making between them breaks.
    • It is possible to set the maximum number of requests for friendship, which should be considered during the work.
    • Possible to use the " White" and "Black" list of usernames . When using the "White " list , the script will only confirm those friends , any part of whose name matches one of the names of the "White " list. For example, if we will make the white list name "Alexander" , the script will approve applications from all Alexander, despite what their names are . This feature allows you to approve applications only from friends , for example, have British names. And in "Black" list , you can add the names of people whose friendship you do not want to approve under any circumstances .
    • Written a detailed log of the script's work. Also, the script creates files in which records the results of its work.
    • In case of any failure in Facebook, the script tries to perform a task repeatedly, allowing it to run stable and does not hang in the process.
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    Several scripts do this. You oughta research a little more.