Script that hides website and products from merchant account provider.

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    I am looking for a script for magento that some of my competitors are using which masks the IP, URL and changes the SKU on products etc, the competitor has 2 websites, website one selling product (A) and website two selling product (B) - the merchant account has been set up for website two with product (B) industry, as website one and product (A) they would NOT provide a service for.

    So, The customer comes to website one and checks out for product (A), via 3D secure with sagepay (as far as i know sagepage know the score they only provide the interface so they provide a service for any product or industry) but the information that is passed back the merchant account/payment processor is that the customer has checked out with product (B) at website two.

    Now this extension as already built and availble online but i CANNOT for the life of me find it, any advice or ideas what i should be looking for?

    I know of 4 competitors using this interface PM for the URLS to see if this shows any details

    Thanks in advance :)
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