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    For how sad it is to do so, I need to turn to this section and flag the user aishahriar Since he got some money from me disappearing right after without doing any work so far.

    I paste here what I said on iTrade:

    Here is the story:

    I needed a new WP template and the guy agreed on making in in 4 days for 120$ - everything seemed fine and I even send him an advanced payment of 60 bucks for it.

    At the end of the deadline he claims that he had been sick and this stopped him from working. He even offers me my money back but I tell him that I am more into getting my theme than the money so, fine, I ask him to set another deadline.

    He sets the deadline by himself but, in the mean time, he stops answering on msn - our main conversation channel.

    Then we speak again here and I tell him that I got skeptical about his job, so I ask him to put in a server the job done so far so that I can have a prove he started...and,...well...he just put there a random WP theme without CSS. It takes nothing to some people to feel smart.

    Then we talk again: I complain and he accuses me for killing his health with my template (?!!?); I ask him to fix a deadline but he never does it until the day he simply disappear - obviously without letting me have my upfront payment back nor any template.

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    you know there are plenty of templates for a lot less than $120, right?