Screw Avangate more like FAILgate

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    I'm so sick of payment processors wanting the name of my firstborn child before they will allow me the privilege of paying for whatever. If you are so scared as to not be able to perform your task of processing payment and assuming that risk, then shut down.
    Amount limits are one thing. That's annoying. Having to call me to verify, okay sure. But "fax us a copy of your drivers license and a utility bill"? Are they trying to prevent identity theft or facilitate it?
    Its out of control. And we need to stop supporting places that demand these outrageous things. The company I ordered from I've been a customer for years from, this wasnt thier fault, the last time i ordered i forgot and went thru this back then too, ended up making different payment arrangements.
    Anyways, screw Avangate, they are #1 on my shit list right now. Here's what they sent me, and my reply.

    From: Avangate Support <[email protected]>
    Subject: More info required for order #xxxxxxxxxxxx
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011, 4:01 AM

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx

    You have placed an order on xxxxxxxxxxxx 2011-06-02
    (order reference number: #xxxxxxxxxxxx), order processed by Avangate as the reseller of xxxxxxxxxxxx, the merchant operating xxxxxxxxxxxx order paid with PayPal.

    Your order is currently under evaluation by Avangate antifraud
    specialists. We perform this verification to prevent unauthorized use of
    your PayPal account and personal details.

    In order to validate your payment and complete your order, please
    provide us with the following documents during the next two business

    - a copy of a photo ID (identification card, driver`s license or
    passport) of the PayPal account holder.
    - Proof of Valid billing address: Utility Bill.

    my reply...

    Absolutely not. Your a bunch nut jobs. Every single time i go to order my xxxxxxxxxx from you guys i end up having to use a different payment processor because you want some asinine payment verification. I'm going to complain to them, again. And hopefully them, and others, will stop using your service as your simple absurd. A utility bill? Drivers license? Who's watching you? What else do you want, a Blood and DNA sample? Go to hell, and cancel my order.

    Your hyper vigilance makes me sick and its no way to treat good customers. And talk about something inconvenient. Make a call to the person, get a verification that way. Or only accept paypal accounts that are older than a certain age, which mine is over 10 years old. But to make me go and fax sensitive information to you? The only thing that makes me sicker than you having the audacity to ask for it, is that some morons probably send it to you feeling that they have no other choice. And you create hassle for me now.

    I have to go and have this 200 refunded back, and wait, and have it clogging up 200 in my bank account for possibly a week.

    I have to now contact the person i was buying this from and get another payment option

    Wait for them to reply, and pay the second way

    I have to spend a SECOND 200 out of my account until your comes back.

    And, in the case where an offshore company refunds money, sometimes paypal even charges me a small international transaction fee!

    So your now going to make me have to wait at least 2 days, tie up money of mine for up to a week (between you canceling and it going from you > paypal > back to my bank), all because your a bunch of paranoid, anti customer, guilty until proven innocent, trouble making pieces of shit.

    I have overlooked this silently in the past. No more. Im going to bad mouth you on EVERY forum, every place i go i will speak of your terrible payment processing. Opening a new site, how do i get payments? DONT USE AVANGATE. How using you will make companies LOSE money.

    And thats what i do for a LIVING, is help people starting businesses and private consulting. You have no idea what you've done. And you have no recourse, there's no way you can make this good with me. I don't want anything from you, all i want is for you to cease to be.

    note and ps. If this wasnt interesting to you, sorry. But these mf really pissed me off.
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    Yeah they fuckn suck, they never allowed me buy captcha from they refused 50$, 4 times. Avangate Sucks !!!!!! It also makes alot of loss for ppl which are affiliated to it because it turns down a lot of payments lol they must be nuts to use it. On the other hand I never Had a problem with Plimus, payment system is instant ! and support is excellent.
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    In every freaking 3 deathbycaptcha orders they hold my payment and send me that shitass email when I'm deadly in need of more captchas to run my campaigns. You make 1 mistake providing your address and you're screwed! Don't they know humans make mistakes? Assholes

    I don't need your anti fraud BS because I know I'm using my paypal, not just another scammer. I know how to make my orders secured get that in mind avangate.
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    Death By Captcha Co-Founder
    Behind a Proxy near you

    I understand you frustration. We had indeed turned off different layers of anti-fraud prevention on Avangate, and as a result, some scammers USING PAYPAL bought over $7.5k worth of captchas with stolen paypal accounts (and began selling them at a lower rate). We had to cover most of these losses.

    We needed to re-enable our anti-fraud protection because of this. The losses were beginning to be unbearable to us and more people were about to get into taking advantage of our relaxed payment security.

    On the other hand, we have 3 other payment options for you:
    - Plimus
    - Liberty Reserve
    - Webmoney

    I'm aware that this answer might not solve anything for you, but we're open to any suggestions relative to which payment processor we should include. (We don't accept direct paypal-to-paypal transactions).