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    ***FREE OFFER***

    -Web scraping
    -Web posting
    -Content generation

    ---I will only work with people who are highly professional and can offer something in the way of valuable knowledge and expertise in their field in exchange for what I am providing in mine.

    I am working on building a large scale platform for data processing and I would like to work with some professionals who can help me tune these services into a product that can be sold to end users.

    Everything I am working with is custom built. I don't want to go into to many details, but the rough working capacity I have right now is the ability to crawl and process 200-500 GB per day.

    My main processing engine uses async IO and mutli-process map/reduce style design to handle 1000's of concurrent requests.

    Crawling a couple of million sites a day is no problem whatsoever.

    I am currently working on automated content generation using the huge DB of content I have built and a variety of data analysis techniques.

    Basically, I am running pattern recognition over tons of text in order to find common sentence structure patterns, and then using Wordnet to guess at the relationships between words in a sentence, then swapping in a keyword from the target set, and guessing the other words based on comparative statistical analysis.

    I also have another algorithm that I am working on to use the edit history from wikipedia in order to build a database of real life "edits" (linguistically correct text transformations) which I can then use to automatically edit text.

    This software is on a whole other level from the spinners that are on the marketplace. Not even the same ballpark. What I am doing is fully automated content generation that is guaranteed to pass any machine test and maybe be able to pass a casual glance from a human.

    I can do automated comments (sentence or so spun from the text of an article) that are indistinguishable from real comments. Full articles would be obviously fake (to a human reader) at this point, but I am working on it.