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    Feel free to use this thread to share your unique ideas and theories on how to use scrapebox. I will go first.

    I basically have 2 ideas, both are aimed to get your comments manually approved by the mods.

    1. Pick a targeted niche, write a comment post filled with pure gold (value). Spin this comment and let it rip on scrapebox. For this tactic, I would consider using an email address you will want to check periodically, the moderator or website owner may want you to be a guest blogger, and of course you'll get your backlink.
    2. If you are familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) consider writing a compelling comment filled with NLP. Don't include a website or just write a word in the website variable area. You will increase the chance of your comment being accepted when you don't include a website. Let your comment itself tell the readers what to do. The sky is the limit on what you can accomplish. Let your words hypnotize the reader by using tactics like embedded commands, pacing and leading, etc.

    Quick Lesson on NLP Embedded Commands

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