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Aug 26, 2009
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I have been using scrapebox for awile now and love this awesome tool.

Now, I am facing a dilema:
While posting comments in wordpress, scrapebox stops, as in completely freezes in the middle of posting.

Note that I do not setup projects...I just start a fresh list and add sites, comments, proxies...

I restrated the pc, cleaned it, restarted it again...still no help.

Thanks in advance
What OS, amount of memory and what type of broadband connection are you using? Also, have you contact SB about the issue?
This kind of question is better to contact their support.
What OS, amount of memory and what type of broadband connection are you using? Also, have you contact SB about the issue?

Thanks for the quick response

here are my details:

windows xp 2002, sp3
1.99 Ghz, 960 Mb of Ram, AMD Athlon 64 processor

I have no issues with any other tools I run on my pc, just scrapebox....
┼blackrat┼;2080958 said:
Misleading title.

well, it is and it isn't ( sorry about that).

To me, it is all about a strategy that I am pursuing and am staock in teh middle of applying it.

Once I am done and prove that my strategy works, I will have it up on the boards for all Black stars to benefit...
I just wanted to update the thread.

My query still stands, if anybody has an answer.

Also, working on writing up the method I use, a combination of evo and scrapebox that is
maybe try uping your specs and sharing some real strategy and a senior member can help ! :)
I get the same problem every now and again and have much better specs / 100MB line.

I think is has something to do with a specific domain in my list that makes it freeze.
I find that always finding fresh proxies right before posting makes a great difference. I get my proxies from Jammo on the board. But as of lately SB hasn't crashed for me like it used to months ago. It's been alot more stable.

I'm running Win 7 on a Pentium4 3ghz processor with 2gb RAM. Its my old throw away machine, so let programs run on there.

I'll run a ping for days on there, stays up with no crashes or anything. Posting I think tho is a lil more intensive on the processor in SB though.
It's not about your PC. I run it on Windows XP SP3, I have the fastest configuration, that can by bought right now (Phenom II x4, fastest ram that is possible) and it still crashes. I know for sure, that screensaver crashes it.
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