Scrapebox Scraping Experts - Help Needed for link list building

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jamesvick, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Alright anyone who scrapes using anything. I have been scraping for 5 days now using scrapebox and public proxies (not from scrapebox but a private tool which updates every hour). I need to know from you how many pligg sites have you been able to scrape? I do not want to know about wordpress or blog etc. etc. but specially for BMD as i am trying to build a list. I got footprints from this forum only and keywords are just a list of top 1000 english words as they perform the best.

    People who have had great success with scrapebox let me know if you ever scraped for pligg list. I got 4500+ unique domains from over 700,000 downloaded. I can also use this with GSA SER but the list building is slow like this. Also scrapebox does not offer google domain switching or automatic domain removal feature does it? It can help me a lot.

    It's getting so frustrating that i am deciding to buy lists worth $300-$500 for my list building needs. I mean i am going to need for UD too but scraping for a week and then removing duplicates leaves only 5000 from which no doubt BMD or GSA SER will also remove as failed or un-detected. Is it actually that painful? Any advice other than buying it from somewhere?

    My settings :
    1) fast poster - 500 connections.
    2) I stop everyday to refresh proxies

    I never have problem with speed but i don't gain anything from this scraping at all. Regards,