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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by lostgringos, Aug 10, 2010.

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    If this has already been addressed please feel free to delete this thread. There are a few list of stat sites being shared here for the purpose of rapid indexing sites. The may or may not provide links. They do have an effect on the SERPs from my experience.

    But there something very wrong with some of these lists. Some are coded with a script that uses your domain with something they are promoting. Some of this is porn.

    Here is one that is in the list regarding "" It is my hope that we can share these so that this great list can be cleaned up. You website will be seen as Cracks..or something similar...and it takes you to a page with cracks on it...

    I may be explaining this wrong. Feel free to jump in. All I know is that when I google "mydomain" keywords .com...I find this crap...

    Now this may not be from this list. I have no real evidence. I only think it is from here because this just happened recently.

    Hopefully we can clean this list up.:) or at least I can find out how this may have happened.