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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MarketerMac, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Sooo I've gone back to SB after a short break from it, got it all setup, went to ramp up the settings (which til now I've never touched, no idea why I didn't look hah)...and discovered it'll only let me post to 100 threads at a time? Anyone know why there's a limit on the upper level of posting?

    same bit w/ the proxy checker. I mean SB has been good to me, and I've never tried to use it at the level I am, but it's taking hours to make it through single runs and that sucks a bit.

    the only solution I can think of is running multiple instances of SB at the same time, I'd just rather not post the same link in the same place twice if I can avoid it, and that means I've gotta make a whole second thing to weed out dupes from my multiple lists before I start.

    anyone else run into this problem and have a creative way around it?
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    Where are you seeing only 100 connections on the poster? It does 500 connections, then harvester 500 per engine (2,000 at once) the proxy harvester changed back to 100. The reason for that was people were winding it up too high then saying there were no proxies.

    But if you want a creative way around it, you can manually change ProxyHarvester=100 to 500 in the scrapebox.ini however i don't advise that unless you have a solid connection.