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    Recently I being seeing a huge decrease in the amount of good proxy I am able to get. Most of the proxies in scrapebox are all IP Blocked by google. The reason I need this proxy is for google scraping.

    Today I took 5 IP blocked Proxy out of scrapebox and then manually put it into firefox and went on google and did about 10 searches each. While doing this I was getting proper results. NONE of the proxy came up with captcha or said anything like google banned you etc they worked perfectly fine.

    I also tried to use the function on Scrapebox that allows you to unblock proxy captcha but it doesn't work since it was saying the proxy was no captcha blocked.

    Is anyone facing this problem? And if so is there a way to fix it or is it best to use other tester (if so name few that test again sites)


    Setting if you wanna know
    100 Threads
    30 Sec Timeout
    5 Retries On multithreaded
    Old proxy tester
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    zeta reticuli
    Harvest your own list of proxy source. Read the recent posts from Proxygo, Maruk & Loopline. They shared some techniques/videos which helps you to do that. Recently I noticed someone here saying, scraping with Yahoo without proxies gives more results. Well, I tried it and it works!