ScrapeBox Proxies 1/2k Google Passed Daily LifeTime Sub 100% Feedback

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Nov 2, 2008
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I am proxygo providing services on bhw since 2008
Ex mod alive proxy 2004/2006 - Ex admin 2008/2009
proxy supplier to xxdevils community 2006-2008
Admin of private proxie selling forum 2006 - 2012
Now serving BHW full time 2008/ On Going

MAIN SERVICE ScrapeBox 1/2k Google passed proxies per day

Service 1
ScrapeBox Google passed proxies 1/2k per day MON/FRI 5/8PM GMT shared out between my users. for a 1 time fee of £110. As long as each user gets 400+ minimum working Google passed proxies per day from my lists, this is my job done for the day.

Service 2
weekend 5/8PM GMT 1 time fee subscription of the same service, price £60
for 1/2k Google passed proxies shared out between my users, same rules apply,
As long as each user using this service gets 400+ minimum working Google

Service 3
Those requiring an evening list i also provide a list at 8/9PM GMT 7 days a week this is a new service and is a 1 time fee night sub
at £140

This service currently has around 6-700 subscribers, 0 refunds in 4 yrs. Proxies are provided via a download link everyday, 2/4 times per day. Lists are provided depending on what you buy between 5pm - 11pm GMT.
Each list is good for around 4/6hrs.

The proxies i provide come from scanning ip blocks and have a life span of around 4/6 hrs at best, these lists will not appear on any website as they are given direct to the subscribers and will last a lot longer than proxies that are scraped.

All proxies are posted between 5 - 11 pm GMT for ALL services
Regards Proxygo.

update for all of 2015 i will be adding 1 extra week to my vacation time.....for 6 yrs of bhw i have always taken 1 week end sept 2 weeks christmas....i think after 6 yrs ive earned an extra week considering i work 7 days a week....this extra week will be taken in single days here n there say for a day out with the wife or something so u wont really notice much vacation time will now be 4 weeks

update to tos of service - any user messaging asking me to close there service as no longer needed and then deletes me from skype then attempts to re-request that service back 2-3 years later will be declined - if u choose to ask me shut down your product as your done with it which is the users right/choice and not me removing it will be given 6 months grace to change there mind


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I was among the first people to purchase and begin using the ScrapeBox program after it was released. I have used proxygo's proxies in ScrapeBox (among other places) and can tell you that they work and they work very very very well.
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I also Have used and tested these proxies that proxygo is selling, and let me tell you, they work GREAT!! I used them a few times,(some samples he gave out) and scrapebox ran just as fast with the proxies as without. This is definitely an A-Class service in my book, and I hope to be able to purchase a full membership very soon.

Jammo's stuff is so good, you need to see it. You get exactly what he says you will, and even more. Best money I ever spent on ANY purchase I ever made. Don't hesitate. You market? You need this.
thanks fan appreciate your comments mate
good feedback is always appreciated
but i can take the good with bad
so far no bad yet

the scrape box catagory is an added
catagory to the payed members area
but - 98% of my member dont use
scrape box - if you read my thread only
payed members have access to the vip
proxies - the scrape box catagory is in
that forum.. new members can not access
it. sorry i thought my thread explained
Quick question guys, are any of you using these proxies in the Troopal software with success, waiting for your reply, thanks?

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