Scrapebox Ping Mode...Ref Spam or Actual Pinging?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Thrashingshrimp, Aug 20, 2010.

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    I've heard a lot of differing opinions on this subject.

    I just got Scrapebox, and am enjoying it's awesome powers :p

    But, I was wondering, what exactly does the Ping Mode do?

    Does it simply ref spam like PRStorm?

    Or does it actually ping sites?

  2. bobbylove321

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    The ping mode from what I've read is referral spam.

    The "rapid indexer" (addon) is for the pinging of your sites.
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    Can someone explain what actually happens when a site is pinged?

    I use ScrapeBox to ping as well, but I am not sure what is actually happening.

    First, I set the list of pages I want to ping. I use a list of all of the pages that somehow send link-juice to my site, and my site itself. Let's call this my Sites_To_Ping_List.

    Should I always ping all of the sites in my Sites_To_Ping_List, or only new pages and pages that were updated?

    For referrers, I currently use sites like:

    What exactly is the referrer used for and do the sites I choose as the referrer make a ping more or less valuable -- or are all referrers equal when it comes to pinging (i.e., a ping is a ping no matter who the referrer is).

    I have the $2.99/mon service from Pingler dot com. I gave it a list of sites to ping. It pings them every three days. I don't know how many pings it does or who the referrer is.

    Can I replace my Pingler dot com service by using ScrapeBox to ping?

    How often should I ping my Sites_To_Ping_List? (Daily, Every other day, Weekly, etc.)

    Should I use different referrers each time I ping?

    If I ping a site 100 times using the same referrer, is it any different than pinging it 100 times, each with a different referrer