Scrapebox Page Authority error 407

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    Mar 31, 2014
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    Hi all:
    I am running the newest version of scrapebox v1.16.3. I have 10 working private domains. When I load the scraped urls info into the page authority plugin, I get error 407 on all urls. I currently have one instance of scrapebox with 1 moz api key, and another instance of scrapebox with 10 api keys (for the 10 proxies) running on my workstation. Neither of these instances are currently functional for the page authority plugin->error 407 while running. I have tested both independently. I have tried setting the proxies in page authority to both Access-ID|Secret Key|proxy:port and Access-ID|Secret Key|proxy:port:user:pass. Same results->error 407. It was working fine with one api key 2 days ago.

    Any help?