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Apr 7, 2010
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I have just got a SB and I am feeling like in a Disney land, trying to conceive all sort of naughty things I can do with it. :)

There are plenty of great threads on SB here, but it's hard to get lost there in the pool of info, so I am googling some good articles with clean methods..

Will post there as I find something interesting... and no, i have zero association with any of them...

here is the 1st one...




Please post your own findings of interesting (at leas for newbies) articles that would describe methods of doing things, more twisted - better :)

Meanwhile I still have plenty of questions, as it's my day one of the affair with scrapebox:

1) how safe is to blast 10-50,000 blogs linking to 5-10 ezine articles or youtube video? will any of them bite my ass?

2) in some cases I saw that checking URLs PR better with private proxies. Why?

3) If I aborted/stopped the commenting in the middle of the list, how do I then use the same list for the same comments and not duplicate what is already there?

4) and in general, how to exclude those URLs for the list, to which i already posted (assumign that the comments are not approved yet, and obviously not indexed)?

5) how to locate do-follow Wordpress and Movable sites if I only want to add those to mix existing nofollow links?
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wow thanks :) Learned alot from this,i have scrapebox
didnt know about the link:url feature in order to find auto approve blogs using spammer urls

def. cool
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