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    I am doing scrapebox now I got my private proxies last night I was scraping at 75mbs i know for some of you that is small but for me going from public to private is a huge difference.

    So I scraped keywords. Now I want to use those keywords in my comments. I am having trouble figuring out how to easily take a huge list of keywords and merge them with comments and a href's for anchor text.

    I know excel, but I'm wondering what method you use for taking huge lists and making spintext for everything.

    I am taking all my keywords and just putting them in spintext in my anchor text but i am wondering why I should do it this way when I end up with one line of text that should actually 100 lines.

    and also to take a list of keywords and surround it with | | . I will start researching myself after this post but if you guys have any handy suggestions or tricks that you use I would really like to hear them. If in case you don't want to share them on here I would take a PM if you don't mind.

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