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Jun 30, 2009
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I want to know if someone can help me how to use scrapebox the most efficiently.

The tutorials on youtube show you the basic simple ways to harvest blogs.

I want to know how to get the specific blogs that I can post my links on.. I just bought the software yesterday and I don't really know how to use it.

I'm wondering if someone who has a lot of experience with scrapebox that can help me out.

There are some experienced users around these parts who could probably help you out, but as you probably have also seen there are a lot of self-help resources available; kind of in my preferred/suggested order of review they are:

- the youtube vids and official usage guide
- the unofficial user guide that is basically the first 30-40 pages of the BST thread distilled, somebody compiled a PDF of it awhile back
- loopline's video series here on bhw
- there's a number of threads with tips about harvesting tactics, different methods, etc.

After that there are many threads around here about other various aspects of the Box, the BST thread still has lots of useful info once you sort out all the redundant questions, and there's other info out there.

I'd suggest loopline's video thread here as your next destination. Ping me if you want to talk more.

peace - gregs.
i am determined to learn this software..

As I've heard its a really powerful software.

I've seen on some other people's threads that they had 100's of thousands of blogs that they have commented on and i would really like to get to those levels..

I don't want to necessarily purchase their service for them to do it for me.. I want to LEARN how they did it..

I bet a lot of people who bought scrapebox is probably saying the same thing.. but I'll pay someone if it comes down to it
First, you need to create a list as big as possible. Stuff as many keywords as you can into it and start the harvester. Let it run for as long as you can (my record was 2 days and it got 12 million results, which turned out to be 400k unique blogs), then make more separate lists with different platforms.
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