Scrapebox Help With Best Methods?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sbboy, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Jun 13, 2012
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    Hi, I am looking for ways to speed up the process of my method with scrapebox, this is the main method I use for seo.
    I harvest thousands of URLS, using this footprint ?powered by vbullitin? I then select remove URLS not containing ?showthread?
    I then check the pagerank of each URL, If it is higher than 3 I manually signup to that forum do a signature, and leave a post on that page.
    My main problem is I have to find pages have less that 15/20 posts, if they have more , my post goes onto a different page with no pagerank.
    Is there a way, I can filter out URLS, Which contain more than 15/20 posts, I seen a footprint a whileback, which worked well for finding pages with less than 15 comments, but I lost the footprint.

    Also is there a way, I can auto complete the signup process? I don?t mind doing the captcha manually.
    Also is there any way to find out whether the forums make you do 25 posts before they allow links in signatures? Or if they do signatures in general, can this be done without sighing up?

    So that was my first method, I never blast out comments, they don?t seem to make me rank higher, the forum signatures on high pr pages works well but I am just looking at ways to speed up the process? I am missing something?
    Also the internal browser is quite slow on my version of scrapebox, I am looking for a new way to add a proxy to firefox, so I can create multiple accounts on the same forum, to take the whole page to max post so my seo competition cannot follow my links an post on the same pages, example let?s say the forum allows 15 posts per page, I like to take the whole 15, so that my completion cannot simply take all my hard work, just by doing a backlinks check on me.

    If anyone is willing to help, and share other good methods, please share thanks