[Scrapebox] Have some questions, looking for advice.

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    I finally decided to buy Scrapebox. I'm using public proxies, I harvest the medium to fast ones and saved to scrapebox. I've tried looking for answers using the search function as well as the thread at 261013-scrapebox-tutorial-all-one-place-just-bookmark

    So my questions. I understand how link building works. You have a money site. You build tier 1 all manual, this includes web 2.0s, social bookmarking, press released, videos, pdf sharing sites.
    This is where tier 2 comes into play. Some people say tier 2 is spun content that connects to tier 1, others say to blast tier 1 with forum profiles, blog comments, wikis, and such. So first question, is it wise to have tier 1 manual and tier 2 blasts of the tier 1s?

    Second question. I'm sort of understanding scrapebox. I can use keywords in my related niche, and use footprints to find certain platforms such as wordpress, blogs, edu, etc. With these harvested links, I remove duplicate domains, remove domains with PR 0 or lower. Than I can auto comment OR manual comment. My question is, is there a guide to how to save and load files for scrapebox? I notice you can save names, emails, comments, proxies list, even harvested domains. What else should I save to make use of my time?

    Next question, with scrapebox you can search for urls that allow comments, manage the PR of the sites you're commenting on, also post on wikis and forum profiles. What else can I do with scrapebox to help build backlinks and such?

    I saw there's two awesome guides but I cannot find them, one is called Master scrapebox, the other is the ultimate scrapebox guide. Any idea where to find these?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to use scrapebox the most efficently. Also, what sort of text files saved does everyone using scrapebox have? Names, AA list, etc, so I have more info to look for. Thank you again.