Scrapebox experience: Increasing youtube view counts

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    hello seniors,

    First of all -please dont mind my grammar ( i m not native english speaker)

    Anyway today i was thinking about buying a youtube bot to increase my youtube videos view count. but then i thought about scrapebox .i started exploring scrapebox for a way to increase my youtube views.

    first i thought i can do it with ping mode of scrapebox. but it simply failed with or without proxies. i dont know why .though i used it several times to increase view counts of my fiverr gigs.

    ANyway i explored it some more and i noticed that with the "slow commenting" mode of scrapebox the view counts were increasing. BUT only without proxies.

    When i try slow commenting without using proxies i get the following msg while trying to comment on youtube video page : "failed, field not detected" .anyway who was trying to comment on it. mission success. view count increased .
    i basically copied my 10 youtube video's url around 100 times. total 1000 url and started slow commenting. and all videos are now have 90-100 view count.
    But i coudnt increase view count by more than 300 bcos youtube will panelize my videos and freeze the count.

    So next i tried to use proxies.

    But with proxies (working one) scrapebox is not able to open the youtube page. it displayed this msg "404 error"

    i heard that youtube dealt with proxies but i never thought that "this way"

    If scrapebox cant view a youtube page with proxies then how can other youtube views increase software can ?

    Please answer seniors. suggest m a way.