Scrapebox and Unicode!

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    There are times that i want to boost keywords that are not english and do not have latin characters. To be honest, these markets have potential since the competition is quite low while searches might be high.

    I have faced some difficulties with scrapebox and the ability to use characters other than latin.

    I found a solution for wordpress blogs which seems to work for most of the blogs.
    So: download

    which is a unicode to html converter and use the output as name/anchor. Its going to look weird but it seems ok when posted. You could also use it in the comment but i have not tested it yet. To be honest, i did some preliminary testing of this method.

    If there is a problem with this tool, there are plenty other similar tools online.

    The problem is with blogengine now! With the recent impressive update (!!) i need to figure out how to use unicode for blogengine! This thing does not work so if someone knows a way please post it here;)
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