Scrapebox : 10,000 blogs for commenting, 20 successes? WTF?


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Aug 23, 2010
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I post to 10,000 wordpress blogs with auto commenter and get 9,970 failures?
What am I doing wrong here?
probably you picked some other engine instead of wordpress

or bad proxy
Its probably something simple that you just overlooked. Check your email addresses and make sure that you put .com on the end of them. Check to make sure you had wordpress checked when you did the comment posting...

That is practically impossible if you have a decent internet connection...
For argument's sake whats the average rate of approval I can expect for 10,000 auto comments on wordpress?

Also, are there any decent guides to scrapebox, and any decent private proxies (besides yourprivateproxydotCOM)??
it should be 1/10 + success rate

any private proxies are fine, as long as they are exclusive, just go into buy proxies section
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