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    Apr 1, 2011
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    For advanced mode, I have 34 emails in my inbox...but when i click fetch activation emails it does nothing. anyone know what to do?

    (one click not working either)
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    Edit: Mistake, I don't use it, I do have it.... NVM
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    What are you's updated regularly,you clearly do not own it or you wouldn't post such unproductive comment!

    Try checking the mail works before going for the fetch email button,where you place your email there is a button thats says test email.Test your email then run the create accounts etc.If you run the checker after the accounts are created it sometimes still works sometimes not.
    It is a bug but it is possible to go back to an account and check links again by loading up the url list you used.
    Yes it's sometimes frustrating but doing the above has helped me.Worst case use a proxy with firefox and click the links manually better than wasting created accounts.

    Ok to simpify what I've said as it is a bit confusing even for me lol.Test email,if ok open the appropriate sebema file,it'll then work if it starting downloading the emails and activate the accounts them use the appropriate sbem file.You can double back(check for new activation emails) anytime,it'll only load news one,check your junk folder and mark as safe to transfer to the normal email then run again.Very nice feature having the ability to know what has been activated and what hasn't.I have just rechecked a sbema file and got more emails and activations and active profiles so this works.
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