scrapeboard on vps a newbie question

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    hey ppl

    i have scrapeboard i have really sux 700kb/s dl - 80kb/s upload dsl connection.

    i want rent a windows vps to get my jobs hurry.

    but there s a problem that i reset my dsl modem to get new ip to signup forums with no dublicate account block.

    with vps there will be an only 1 ip adress that which vps is located and theres no chance to reset and get new ip.

    i though surely proxies :D so its why proxy borned.but im curious about that the proxy costs.

    with a hurry calculate i reset my modem and get new ip daily 30 times.

    this means i blast to same forums in a day 30 times.

    also this means i should buy 30 proxies per day ?

    so what is the rate of success with proxies ? i get really great rates with my own connection and ip.

    my mind is really mixed.

    please advice me something im bored to wait my low connection on my scrapeboard blasts.
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    do you know where I can download scrapeboard