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    I realize this software is super brand new and being a scrapebox fan I jumped on board quick....I have about two hours of scrapeboard time under my belt and have gotten knowhere with the software. Has anyone had any luck getting captcha's to work or the one-click account creation process to work?

    I used scrapebox to scrape a list of vBulletin sites, had about 3K...ran page rank, got the list down to 2K ..I filled out all the account information, including my own cpanel created email account, using private proxies, ect...

    Hit the one click-account creation, the image captcha's started flying (disabled manual image captcha solving shortly there after), the text captcha's started flying (getting smarter) got sick of it after two hours and 800 forum accounts later...

    Hit abort, got a popup that said 24 accounts activated mumbled something about a txt file...Now what???

    I figured the logical thing to do was to see if scrapeboard had a list of unactivated accounts that need some email attention, so I clicked the "fetch activation emails" button. It pops up a file browser, I point it at the file it created (1kb)...No gears are turning but I proceed with the "activate forum accounts button" anyway. NO dice...I can't make heads or tails of this software...Ticks me off...

    Can someone give an idiots run down on how scrapeboard is supposed to work? And where did my 24 accounts go? I put in a solid 2 hours making them buggers and now I can't find them... I did manage to find an empty .sbacc file in my scrapeboard folder when I tried (or thought) I was importing the accounts I just created...
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