Scrape search volume from (PHP, Flash, AMF)

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    I need someone who can create a script to scrape

    Extract some data from Flash/Actionscript and create matching function with PHP

    You will need to reverse engineer a flash widget that displays some data and provide the data via a simple, well documented PHP script.

    We want the search volumen from
    This will require you to understand how to reverse engineer AMF to get to the data.

    This project is a little bit tricky, as the AMF message is encoded.

    Your script should be a simple, well documented PHP script that take a Chinese keyword as input and then return the average monthly search volume as number.

    So basically we would need to download the SWF (or the link to the SWF)
    - check if we have a known constant;
    - if unknown disassemble SWF and get constant
    - fetch the AMF message and extract search volume

    If you think you can do that, please send me PM with your time and cost estimate.