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    I am trying to harvest using a custom footprint.

    If I DO NOT USE proxies, I get results.

    If I use the proxies, I get NO results.

    I just tested the proxies and they are all working.

    Am I missing something?
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    well at face value I would say its your proxies, but there are several things in play.

    1. What engine are you trying to harvest from?

    2. If you are harvesting from Google, make sure you don't check the "skip google" box in the proxy checker.

    3. If you do not check the skip google box or you use the original proxy checker, it only checks against google, so if you are trying to harvest from other engines your proxies could still be blocked.

    4. Potentially it could a rogue issue as well. Like when you harvest from your own ip you are only using 1 connection, but when you harvest with proxies your router could be killing your connections if you are using more then it wants to deal with or whatever. Or other various issues

    Also I doubt it will solve your problem inherently, but here is a video on footprints, perhaps it will trigger something that will help you solve the problem:
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