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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Hello BlackHat Forum,

    This is my first post but have been following this site for months. I have been promoting my website now for 3 months using free basic methods for back link generation and have made some progress on the SERPS (bottom first page to second page locally and 5-7th page nationally for general IT in major US city) but would like better rankings. Site is on page optimized and domain is 8 yrs old. I understand basics of SEO but am definitely a newb when it comes to employing black hat tricks.

    I am contemplating the purchase of Scrape Box and Backlink Booster as a combination to promote my site plus 5-10 private proxies. Have watched quite a few videos on SB and am pretty impressed for the price. I also originally looked at LL but BB looks even better. I don't want to go crazy promoting my site (maybe 20-50 new back links/day sustained -- eventually promoting 3-5 domains).

    My Questions:
    Would SB + BB be a good mix?
    Should I look at another product(s)?
    Why does BB Std only support 20 boosts when Pro supports 3600?
    Why the huge difference in boost capability?
    Do I need BB pro for 3-5 sites?

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations! They are greatly appreciated.