[scammer] r00tk3y scammed me for $900

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    So this guy hired me to do a website few days back, he said he is gonna pay as much as I want but need website completed under 48 hours. We agreed on $900 US
    After completing the site, I sent him 3 email, called him like 7 time on skype and sent him 4-5 pm's. He is not replying at all and when I pm him he just simply go offline.
    Below is his details, he sell iphone unlock service and I have seen a thread here of a guy saying that this guy r00tk3y scammed him also(not in shitlist). The guy is a reputable seller on ebay and he asked him we can offer this service from your account, now the person getting more and more orders but unable to fullfill it cause r00tk3y left him, Well that's another thing. below is his details...

    His profile: blackhat-seo/ members /174185- r00tk3y. html
    His email address: Crusader <seany12[at]gmail.com>
    His Skype: dasdasdsad279 (sw00pster)

    Skype chat:

    [10-Jul-12 1:24:46 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Hi backlinkblast! I'd like to add you on Skype. [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster
    [10-Jul-12 1:24:46 AM] Ayush: Ayush has shared contact details with [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster.
    [10-Jul-12 1:24:52 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Hey
    [10-Jul-12 1:25:09 AM] Ayush: Hi
    [10-Jul-12 1:25:27 AM] Ayush: You're for web design right..??
    [10-Jul-12 1:25:34 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yes I need a web template
    [10-Jul-12 1:25:59 AM] Ayush: What type of website you need..??
    [10-Jul-12 1:26:04 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: single page
    [10-Jul-12 1:26:08 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Im selling iphone unlocks
    [10-Jul-12 1:26:19 AM] Ayush: okay
    [10-Jul-12 1:26:28 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: How long it take?
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:06 AM] Ayush: 4-7 days max, what payment gateway you're using for your site
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:11 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: 2 checkout
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:18 AM] Ayush: okay...
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:25 AM] Ayush: so whats your budget??
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:28 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: 500
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:40 AM] Ayush: USD??
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:41 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: USD
    [10-Jul-12 1:27:46 AM] Ayush: hmmm
    [10-Jul-12 1:28:33 AM] Ayush: Okay, so you need a landing page with terms and condition, refund policy and contact page... right??
    [10-Jul-12 1:28:45 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yes
    [10-Jul-12 1:28:54 AM] Ayush: I can do it...
    [10-Jul-12 1:29:03 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: It takes 4 days though?
    [10-Jul-12 1:29:54 AM] Ayush: Yeah, actually I do seo and smo also. Have to send reports to my clients tomorrow and the day after tomorrow... It's just 2 days work...
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:08 AM] Ayush: I can complete it by saturday
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:18 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Eh
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:25 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: I can have it done in like 1 day
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:26 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Nah
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:31 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Ill just do it myself
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:36 AM] Ayush: 1 day
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:41 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yeah
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:51 AM] Ayush: So you need it tomorrow...??
    [10-Jul-12 1:30:54 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yes
    [10-Jul-12 1:31:14 AM] Ayush: can you give me 36 hours??
    [10-Jul-12 1:31:20 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: yES
    [10-Jul-12 1:31:23 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yes
    [10-Jul-12 1:31:26 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: If you can have it done
    [10-Jul-12 1:31:39 AM] Ayush: okay, i will do it... you have paypal right??
    [10-Jul-12 1:31:43 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yes
    [10-Jul-12 1:32:32 AM] Ayush: Do you have any site example you want your website like to be or I just make it like a sales page with cool graphics
    [10-Jul-12 1:32:58 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Let me see here
    [10-Jul-12 1:33:11 AM] Ayush: okay
    [10-Jul-12 1:33:30 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: ---url---
    [10-Jul-12 1:33:31 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: I like this
    [10-Jul-12 1:33:46 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Maybe you could code the iphone imei thing in there
    [10-Jul-12 1:33:49 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Ill pay you as much as you need
    [10-Jul-12 1:34:19 AM | Removed 1:34:28 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: This message has been removed.
    [10-Jul-12 1:34:19 AM] Ayush: let me see...
    [10-Jul-12 1:35:21 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Here
    [10-Jul-12 1:35:24 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: I like this one!!!
    [10-Jul-12 1:35:25 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: ---url---
    [10-Jul-12 1:37:19 AM] Ayush: ---url---
    [10-Jul-12 1:37:42 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Okay
    [10-Jul-12 1:38:03 AM] Ayush: which one ---url---
    [10-Jul-12 1:38:21 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: This one
    [10-Jul-12 1:38:22 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: ---url---
    [10-Jul-12 1:38:41 AM] Ayush: okay...
    [10-Jul-12 1:38:57 AM] Ayush: what price you need on the limited time image??
    [10-Jul-12 1:39:08 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: How much do you want
    [10-Jul-12 1:39:58 AM] Ayush: I'm asking about this site, there is a image with price of jail break circle on the top
    [10-Jul-12 1:40:33 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yeah
    [10-Jul-12 1:40:36 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: I dont want that in there
    [10-Jul-12 1:40:39 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: I want someone at the top
    [10-Jul-12 1:40:41 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: to check imei
    [10-Jul-12 1:41:08 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: At the top
    [10-Jul-12 1:41:10 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Do a big picture
    [10-Jul-12 1:41:44 AM] Ayush: hmmm... do one thing write verything in an email....
    [10-Jul-12 1:41:53 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Okay
    [10-Jul-12 1:41:54 AM] Ayush: do you want that imei thing??
    [10-Jul-12 1:41:56 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Give me your email
    [10-Jul-12 1:41:59 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yes I want the IMEI checker
    [10-Jul-12 1:42:01 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: If you can figure out how to do that
    [10-Jul-12 1:42:20 AM] Ayush: One minute let me check how they are getting the imei check??
    [10-Jul-12 1:45:08 AM] Ayush: It's just a shitty script that doesnot check imei, it only return a page that jail break and unlock availble... i can do that also need atleast 48 hours...
    [10-Jul-12 1:45:35 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Okay
    [10-Jul-12 1:45:59 AM] Ayush: that will be $900 with in 2 day delivery
    [10-Jul-12 1:46:16 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Okay
    [10-Jul-12 1:46:23 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Just get it going
    [10-Jul-12 1:47:49 AM] Ayush: Yeah , sure... here is my email ***, usually I charge 50% advance but since it's only 2 day work, I will take full payment it on delivery... through paypal only
    [10-Jul-12 1:48:06 AM] Ayush: keep in touch through email...
    [10-Jul-12 1:48:23 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Okay what else do I need to provide you
    [10-Jul-12 1:48:38 AM] Ayush: All details in email...
    [10-Jul-12 1:48:50 AM] Ayush: and checkout page details...
    [10-Jul-12 1:49:32 AM] Ayush: send me an email about all this see you later bbye
    [10-Jul-12 1:49:38 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Can I send you a picture?
    [10-Jul-12 1:49:55 AM] Ayush: related to site design??
    [10-Jul-12 1:49:56 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Ok like what I want on template
    [10-Jul-12 1:50:00 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: On*
    [10-Jul-12 1:50:01 AM] Ayush: yeah
    [10-Jul-12 1:50:10 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Will that suffice?
    [10-Jul-12 1:50:47 AM] Ayush: I will design according to you instruction and other thing will be like the website you have choosen
    [10-Jul-12 1:51:55 AM] Ayush: going, send me detailed email... bbye
    [10-Jul-12 1:52:46 AM] Ayush: you there???
    [10-Jul-12 1:53:36 AM] Ayush: hellooo...
    [10-Jul-12 1:53:41 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Hi
    [10-Jul-12 1:53:56 AM] Ayush: Okay, i'm going email me okay??
    [10-Jul-12 1:54:06 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Ill email u in a couple minutes
    [10-Jul-12 1:54:10 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: building the picture for u
    [10-Jul-12 1:54:12 AM] Ayush: yeah sure bbye
    [10-Jul-12 1:57:27 AM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Send u an email
    [10-Jul-12 7:40:14 PM] Ayush: hey you there...??
    [10-Jul-12 7:40:15 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Hey
    [10-Jul-12 7:40:17 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: How you doing?
    [10-Jul-12 7:41:19 PM] Ayush: I'm good... I'm creating your site....
    [10-Jul-12 7:42:02 PM] Ayush: just need to know, I can create this one in 24 hrs... ***
    need your answer
    [10-Jul-12 7:42:57 PM] Ayush: reply
    [10-Jul-12 7:44:09 PM] Ayush: you there??
    [10-Jul-12 7:45:52 PM] Ayush: at least reply
    [10-Jul-12 7:45:54 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: hi
    [10-Jul-12 7:46:16 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Ok
    [10-Jul-12 7:46:16 PM] Ayush: [Tuesday, July 10, 2012 7:42 PM] Ayush: ***

    [10-Jul-12 7:46:18 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: How much for that
    [10-Jul-12 7:46:31 PM] Ayush: 1100 USD
    [10-Jul-12 7:46:37 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: No
    [10-Jul-12 7:46:38 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: No thanks
    [10-Jul-12 7:46:48 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Have a good day
    [10-Jul-12 7:46:50 PM] Ayush: okay
    [10-Jul-12 7:47:12 PM] Ayush: okay no incerase $900
    [10-Jul-12 7:47:23 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: For 900 dollars
    [10-Jul-12 7:47:26 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: I can have a full website done
    [10-Jul-12 7:47:35 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: No thanks bro
    [10-Jul-12 7:48:01 PM] Ayush: I'm creating the one you sent me in html...
    [10-Jul-12 7:48:49 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Yeah
    [10-Jul-12 7:48:52 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Anyone can copy a website bro
    [10-Jul-12 7:48:55 PM] Ayush: okay
    [10-Jul-12 7:49:25 PM] Ayush: yeah I know... but I'm not copying as it is dmca protected, i'm creating it from scratch
    [10-Jul-12 7:49:42 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Good one
    [10-Jul-12 7:49:48 PM] Ayush: Well I'm creating the website... will be back when it get completed
    [10-Jul-12 7:49:57 PM] Ayush: bbye
    [11-Jul-12 9:40:58 PM] Ayush: hey your site is almost complete....
    There is a server side script for pop up box, I removed it with simple window popup... is it okay or you want the server side script to be included in your site??
    site looks simple and good....
    [11-Jul-12 9:41:26 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Show me it?
    [11-Jul-12 9:41:52 PM] Ayush: just a min, uploading to my servers...
    [11-Jul-12 9:42:06 PM] Ayush: wait for 10 min...
    [11-Jul-12 9:42:20 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: ok
    [11-Jul-12 10:16:55 PM] Ayush: visit ---url--- and if you need any edit I will do it...
    [11-Jul-12 10:19:34 PM] Ayush: So, do you like it??
    [11-Jul-12 10:20:56 PM] Ayush: you there??
    [11-Jul-12 10:21:04 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: yeah
    [11-Jul-12 10:21:06 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: I dont like the popup
    [11-Jul-12 10:21:10 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: should pop up something like this
    [11-Jul-12 10:21:19 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: ---url---
    [11-Jul-12 10:21:23 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: scroll down
    [11-Jul-12 10:21:28 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Something like this
    [11-Jul-12 10:21:28 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: 013041004617626
    [11-Jul-12 10:24:48 PM] Ayush: I will remove pop up and I will do it in same window....
    [11-Jul-12 10:25:34 PM] Ayush: what you say??
    [11-Jul-12 10:26:55 PM] Ayush: there???
    [11-Jul-12 10:28:10 PM] Ayush: when people click order button it will take them to checkout page and after that they will be redirected to a form page where they need to fill every details and after that, the form will be emailed to you...
    [11-Jul-12 10:28:24 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: Okay
    [11-Jul-12 10:29:01 PM] Ayush: so you need to add a redirection page in the 2co payment page...
    [11-Jul-12 10:29:22 PM] Ayush: okay??
    [11-Jul-12 10:31:08 PM] Ayush: I have deleted the site, I will complete it in next couple of hours and then send you an email... is there any thing you need to add in the page, some para or your website name as the logo??
    [11-Jul-12 10:32:12 PM] Ayush: say something...
    [11-Jul-12 10:33:27 PM] Ayush: ...
    [11-Jul-12 10:34:20 PM] Ayush: at least say something....
    [11-Jul-12 10:34:49 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: No
    [11-Jul-12 10:34:58 PM] Ayush: what no??
    [11-Jul-12 10:35:04 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: its fine
    [11-Jul-12 10:35:05 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: i like it
    [11-Jul-12 10:35:07 PM] [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster: keep up good work
    [11-Jul-12 10:35:47 PM] Ayush: okay..., I'll email you when it get completed and I will add termsa and condition page, you just need to add some content in it...
    [11-Jul-12 10:36:03 PM] Ayush: bye
    [12-Jul-12 4:51:29 AM] Ayush: hey you there??
    [12-Jul-12 4:52:06 AM] Ayush: visit ---url--- once more and see your website
    [12-Jul-12 4:52:24 AM] Ayush: I added popup box instead of window
    [12-Jul-12 6:36:14 PM] Ayush: hey
    [12-Jul-12 7:26:01 PM] *** Call to [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster, no answer. ***
    [12-Jul-12 7:36:54 PM] *** Call to [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster, no answer. ***
    [12-Jul-12 11:33:51 PM] *** Call to [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster, no answer. ***
    [12-Jul-12 11:34:53 PM] *** Call to [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster, no answer. ***
    [12-Jul-12 11:35:30 PM] *** Call to [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster, no answer. ***
    [13-Jul-12 5:10:13 PM] *** Call to [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster, no answer. ***
    [6:24:25 AM] *** Call to [6 Figuresâ„¢] Sw00pster, no answer. ***

    Mods plz help
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    I see no one responding... and here is thread url
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    -13 Rep maybe an explanation is due here before a member who has only been with BHW since June 2012
    starts opening Shit List Threads

    Hey OP you maybe 100% kosher but clear up your rep issues please!
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast

    Normally a mod will pop in and post within a few days - give it a little time. If more than 5 days goes by without a mod posting, then msg one along with the URL and ask if they could check it out.
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    Dallas, Texas
    What does his rep have to do with anything? I have been at -20 before, and at least one of the most reputable members in this forum has also been at -20 before. Sometimes people give neg rep for nothing. But regardless, if he has a legit shit list then it should be posted. +5 op :D
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    The OP was kind enough to send me a PM explaining his rep now I know and if the OP wishes to expand on his rep I am sure he will post info!

    I was not making an issue with his rep simply asking for a clarification - which I got - Thanks
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    Fixing everyone elses problems.
    Home Page:
    r00tk3y has been notified of this thread and has 24 hours to respond.
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    Fixing everyone elses problems.
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    r00tk3y has been permbanned.
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    Drinking is a full time job,and job must be well d
    San Diego, CA
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    Track him down, and send some boys to shake him up a little.... PM his site. we talk.
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    It is really scary to read about scams occurring here. You should have taken payment in advance.
  11. Intruder

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    It was only 2 day work read skype chat, this is third and last time...
    Now I will take 50% in advance, whether it's a 2hour work or 20 day work
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    $900 for a "simple 1 page web design", the fact that he was willing to pay that much for 10 minutes work should have been a signal to stay away. You'll know better next time.
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    The good thing here is that when i first read the title i thought u lost $900 of actual money, now seeing the u didn't, i have came to conclusion that you actually earned ALOT more then $900 here, it was a life lesson. Now you will never be scammed again. Lift up your head and move on. Karma will get him.
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  14. IMwizard


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    its scary... so many scams going on here.....
    a web developer always take atleast 50% upfront...
    i take 100% upfront
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    Actually, I checked his BHW profile and seems to be a reputable member of BHW from '09 I think, thats why I trusted him...
    will never happen again...
    For a single page $900 is not more cause I made a very good web page with awesome graphics and also added some php scripts file in backend for a form and for checking the imei status of the iphone...
    Many newbie make website in $100 also but I'm not one of 'em
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    Oh dang. That's sketchy