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scammer by devtheworld ,please talk care ,and please Admins banned it.

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by hotworm, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. hotworm

    hotworm Junior Member

    Dec 4, 2008
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    skype massage:
    [2014-07-01 13:25:02] Dev Business: how are you friend
    [2014-07-01 13:25:12] Dev Business: yes, you can add me on yahoo at devtheworld7
    [2014-07-01 13:25:18] Dev Business: i am available there.
    [2014-07-01 13:27:27] salekings: ok
    [2014-07-01 13:28:11] salekings: add you done
    [2014-07-01 13:28:12] salekings: heck it
    [2014-07-01 13:29:19] Dev Business: yes
    [2014-07-01 13:29:19] Dev Business: done
    [2014-07-01 13:42:32] Dev Business: anyways, you sent me message that you are looking for adwords accounts
    [2014-07-01 13:42:35] Dev Business: is that true?
    [2014-07-01 13:51:22] salekings: yes
    [2014-07-01 14:12:29] Dev Business: ok
    [2014-07-01 14:12:45] Dev Business: whenever you want to order, just message me
    [2014-07-01 14:18:05] Dev Business: i will be here and there, but will receive your messages regularly
    [2014-07-01 14:19:49] Dev Business: so just let me know when you want to order.
    [2014-07-01 16:03:18] salekings: ok
    [2014-07-01 16:27:08] Dev Business: which type of account do you want?
    [2014-07-01 17:51:14] Dev Business: There??
    [2014-07-01 17:53:20] salekings: yes
    [2014-07-01 17:53:24] salekings: but not see you on ym
    [2014-07-01 17:54:56] Dev Business: Wait
    [2014-07-01 17:55:06] Dev Business: Coming in 20 minutes
    [2014-07-01 17:55:10] Dev Business: Yahoo update
    [2014-07-01 17:55:31] salekings: ok
    [2014-07-01 18:01:01] salekings: also buddy
    [2014-07-01 18:01:14] salekings: if the google adwords banned our account
    [2014-07-01 18:01:17] salekings: teh balane can get back?
    [2014-07-01 18:01:18] salekings: balance
    [2014-07-01 18:28:03] Dev Business: Yes
    [2014-07-01 18:28:07] Dev Business: You get back
    [2014-07-01 18:33:48] salekings: i see
    [2014-07-01 18:37:00] Dev Business: You want to pay using pm?
    [2014-07-01 18:39:16] Dev Business: I am coming to yahoo soon
    [2014-07-01 19:06:13] Dev Business: i am online in yahoo now
    [2014-07-01 19:06:15] Dev Business: are you there?
    [2014-07-01 19:06:51] Dev Business: wait 5 minutes
    [2014-07-01 19:15:25] salekings: okwait me backhome
    [2014-07-01 19:29:21] Dev Business: ok
    [2014-07-01 19:30:02] Dev Business: when you are there, just message me in skype
    [2014-07-01 19:30:05] Dev Business: i will be online in yahoo.
    [2014-07-01 20:49:11] Dev Business: there?
    [2014-07-01 21:38:31] salekings: yes
    [2014-07-01 21:38:33] salekings: i am here
    [2014-07-01 22:09:57] salekings: you there
    [2014-07-01 22:27:02] salekings: youthere
    [2014-07-01 23:01:28] salekings: where are you
    [2014-07-02 10:34:55] salekings: you there
    [2014-07-02 10:34:58] salekings: let me know when you online
    [2014-07-02 14:16:48] Dev Business: yes, i am online in yahoo
    [2014-07-02 15:02:26] salekings: let me know then money if send back
    [2014-07-02 15:28:38] Dev Business: i cant get refund now, you need to wait, because i already paid for the account, but trying to get refund


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    hotworm999: hey
    hotworm999: i am salelkings
    devtheworld7: hi
    devtheworld7: added you up
    devtheworld7: hi
    hotworm999: hey
    hotworm999: yes
    hotworm999: you yse YM per day?
    devtheworld7: hi
    devtheworld7: yes
    hotworm999: yes
    hotworm999: we told before
    devtheworld7: most of the times, i do work.
    hotworm999: i see
    devtheworld7: i am involved in a new profitable project
    devtheworld7: so just been work on that all the time
    hotworm999: i see
    hotworm999: so you can still sell adwords account?
    devtheworld7: yes
    hotworm999: colud you tell me the price and info
    devtheworld7: i am still selling and also working on projects
    devtheworld7: ok, so if you need adwords longterm, i have a suggestion, just take a longterm working account it comes with all features
    its cost around 485
    devtheworld7: i am just pasting the chat
    devtheworld7: we had
    devtheworld7: before
    devtheworld7: so usually there are different agency accounts
    hotworm999: i know
    devtheworld7: ok, cool.
    hotworm999: but 485 price is high
    devtheworld7: yeah, the lower one
    devtheworld7: i think
    devtheworld7: you said, its good.
    devtheworld7: so take a lowest one with 200
    devtheworld7: that is cheaper
    devtheworld7: i believe, and its okay for you
    hotworm999: 200 and have how much balance on it
    devtheworld7: 150 in balance, and voucher
    devtheworld7: will give.
    hotworm999: voucher is how much
    devtheworld7: 100
    devtheworld7: so total 200 in real balance, 100 in voucher balance
    hotworm999: i see
    hotworm999: its contain a VPS?
    devtheworld7: yes
    devtheworld7: i said earlier, i think
    devtheworld7: it comes with vps and card
    hotworm999: yes
    hotworm999: second month vps need i pay for it?
    devtheworld7: just need to pay 5$ for renew
    hotworm999: i see
    devtheworld7: first month is free
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: open account is 200 ,so the balance is or $
    hotworm999: isee
    hotworm999: could you send me one screenshot for the account to have a look
    devtheworld7: the accounts currently which i am providing is new, and they will be activated upon order, so i get with agencies, but if you want to look at another country accounts
    devtheworld7: here is the look
    devtheworld7: account from 2008
    hotworm999: i see it
    hotworm999: its not 200 on it
    devtheworld7: the card backup will have it
    devtheworld7: so you can bill upto 200
    devtheworld7: the card will have on it
    devtheworld7: this account is turkey based
    devtheworld7: so each country different
    devtheworld7: the uk ones are different
    hotworm999: devtheworld7: 150 in balance, and voucher
    devtheworld7: will give.
    hotworm999: voucher is how much
    devtheworld7: 100
    devtheworld7: so total 200 in real balance, 100 in voucher balance
    hotworm999: dont under
    hotworm999: if i pay 200
    hotworm999: the balance is how much on it
    devtheworld7: 150 will be balance, and 100 in voucher
    hotworm999: total 250?
    devtheworld7: yes
    devtheworld7: and it will be spendable
    devtheworld7: 100 voucher will show
    devtheworld7: 150 from card will be deducted
    devtheworld7: once you spent 150
    devtheworld7: so total use upto 250
    devtheworld7: and not more than that.
    hotworm999: dont understand
    devtheworld7: i mean
    devtheworld7: once card is added to adwords
    devtheworld7: as backup funding
    devtheworld7: in account
    hotworm999: yes
    devtheworld7: and 100 in voucher
    hotworm999: 100 voucher show first?
    hotworm999: 100 voucher will show
    devtheworld7: 150 from card will be deducted
    devtheworld7: once you spent 150
    devtheworld7: so total use upto 250
    devtheworld7: and not more than that.
    devtheworld7: you can use 100 along with 150
    devtheworld7: so total upto 250
    hotworm999: i see
    devtheworld7: these are new, so you can use voucher
    devtheworld7: so when you pay the money
    devtheworld7: the balance will be added to account
    hotworm999: i know
    hotworm999: so first i need pay you how much
    devtheworld7: 200
    devtheworld7: and you get account
    devtheworld7: with balance, vps and card
    devtheworld7: with a voucher number
    hotworm999: i seee
    hotworm999: first use balace ,after that use voucher
    hotworm999: or can use them together?
    devtheworld7: you can use them together
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: i see
    devtheworld7: just add voucher when you login into account
    devtheworld7: and you can spend
    hotworm999: so how i pay you
    devtheworld7: huh, i thought i said you from long time
    devtheworld7: bitcoins
    hotworm999: yes
    hotworm999: i need this for long term
    devtheworld7: sure
    hotworm999: i dont have bigcoins
    hotworm999: do you have others payment method
    devtheworld7: perfect money, western union, but still cant you buy bitcoins?
    devtheworld7: i think you can buy them easily
    hotworm999: not use bitcoin
    devtheworld7: ok
    hotworm999: wmz you use?
    hotworm999: PM is ok
    hotworm999: wait me ask exchanger
    devtheworld7: ok
    hotworm999: if have it
    hotworm999: pm i can do
    devtheworld7: ok, thats fine.
    hotworm999: so need send you how much dollar
    devtheworld7: one sec, let me see
    devtheworld7: 345.5$
    devtheworld7: 200 gbp = 345$
    hotworm999: i see
    hotworm999: could you show me the VPS screenshot?
    hotworm999: i want to have a look
    hotworm999: for that
    devtheworld7: the vps is chunkhost vps, chunks will be created
    devtheworld7: upon order
    devtheworld7: because for each vps
    devtheworld7: the account will be created in that vps itself
    devtheworld7: so the chunk is created and then from that chunk, the account is created
    hotworm999: its mean you have not create it?
    devtheworld7: the vps will be created on account
    devtheworld7: that is why i said fresh account
    hotworm999: mean
    hotworm999: i buy account ,then you create the VPS?
    hotworm999: this mean?
    devtheworld7: yes, vps will be created upon order
    devtheworld7: so you have 1 month time
    devtheworld7: to use
    devtheworld7: completely
    hotworm999: i see
    devtheworld7: from the day of order, you will have 1 month full access
    devtheworld7: but use it for adwords only
    hotworm999: i know
    devtheworld7: please
    hotworm999: its connnect via 3389?
    devtheworld7: rdc port : 3389
    devtheworld7: default port
    hotworm999: i see
    hotworm999: you there?
    hotworm999: out?
    devtheworld7: hi
    devtheworld7: i am there now
    devtheworld7: are you there?
    devtheworld7: hi
    hotworm999: hi
    hotworm999: wait me
    hotworm999: 10mins
    devtheworld7: okay
    devtheworld7: hey
    hotworm999: hey
    hotworm999: yes
    hotworm999: ia mhere
    devtheworld7: ok, cool.
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: so give me your pm
    hotworm999: i send the payment to you
    devtheworld7: U6075751
    hotworm999: also i need wait how long for the load money?
    hotworm999: and readly vps
    hotworm999: etc
    hotworm999: all info
    devtheworld7: i will finish it very soon
    devtheworld7: may be in an hour
    devtheworld7: or earlier
    devtheworld7: i will update you
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: also buddy
    hotworm999: you dont a cheatr right?
    devtheworld7: no buddy
    devtheworld7: i am sure, you will work longterm with me
    devtheworld7: i regularly provide you service
    hotworm999: my freiend just be cheat buy one guy
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: for you , i got pm account also
    devtheworld7: for longterm
    devtheworld7: basis
    hotworm999: i hope work long term
    hotworm999: not just be cheat
    devtheworld7: sure, we shall work longterm
    devtheworld7: trust on me
    devtheworld7: we will work longterm for sure.
    hotworm999: how much i need sent
    hotworm999: send
    devtheworld7: send 350$
    hotworm999: not 345?
    hotworm999: there
    devtheworld7: yes
    devtheworld7: 345
    devtheworld7: i thought
    devtheworld7: fee added
    hotworm999: k
    devtheworld7: extra
    devtheworld7: send 345
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: wait me
    hotworm999: no fee
    hotworm999: dont worry
    devtheworld7: ok
    hotworm999: wait me 2mins
    hotworm999: u6075751
    hotworm999: right?
    devtheworld7: yes
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: sent
    hotworm999: check your pm
    devtheworld7: ok wait
    devtheworld7: i will check
    devtheworld7: can you take a screenshot of it?
    devtheworld7: so i can have a look
    hotworm999: 62074887
    devtheworld7: instead of loggin
    hotworm999: only this ID
    devtheworld7: what?
    hotworm999: login it to check
    devtheworld7: ok
    hotworm999: login your account to check
    devtheworld7: wait
    devtheworld7: i need to logout from yahoo to check
    devtheworld7: thats why
    devtheworld7: i cant check two from one
    hotworm999: why
    hotworm999: you not use computer?
    devtheworld7: no
    devtheworld7: right now, i am at device
    devtheworld7: can you wait 5 minutes
    devtheworld7: i will check and login
    hotworm999: ok wait you 5 mins
    devtheworld7: ok
    devtheworld7: i will confirm you
    devtheworld7: and then
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: if everything is okay i will confirm
    devtheworld7: wait me
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: got it
    devtheworld7: confirmed
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: good
    devtheworld7: i will talk to you in 1 hour
    devtheworld7: and come online
    devtheworld7: to confirm details
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: be online
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: bro, there is small mistake in order
    devtheworld7: are you there?
    devtheworld7: <ding>
    hotworm999: <ding>
    devtheworld7: hey
    devtheworld7: bro
    devtheworld7: you there?
    hotworm999: yes
    devtheworld7: bro, there is small mitake, at that day i told you clearly cost is 225
    devtheworld7: check previous messages
    devtheworld7: on skype
    hotworm999: what
    hotworm999: so you load 125 its ok
    hotworm999: not need load 150
    devtheworld7: i mean i forget to say the account cost is 225
    devtheworld7: ok, no problem
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: will be back again online soon
    devtheworld7: in 1 hour
    devtheworld7: but will load with 125
    devtheworld7: okay?
    devtheworld7: see you again very soon.
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: ???
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: where are you?
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: you online?
    devtheworld7: yes bro
    devtheworld7: i am always online
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: but busy here and there work
    hotworm999: its done?
    devtheworld7: not yet bro, the suitable card is not getting found, tried with 2 agency people
    devtheworld7: no one has lowest account
    devtheworld7: still trying
    devtheworld7: as soon as i get one, i will get immediate
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: now i am on pc
    devtheworld7: will work soon, try to get, if not refund your money then,
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: because i tried everywhere low accounts
    devtheworld7: all accounts are just loaded with 350 ones
    devtheworld7: i will find
    devtheworld7: one 200 one
    devtheworld7: soon
    hotworm999: ook
    devtheworld7: will message you
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: hi bro, give me your pm account id
    devtheworld7: please?
    hotworm999: wait me
    hotworm999: whats up
    devtheworld7: nothing bro, i contacted my supplier,and he told he cannot get low agency accounts, but normal accounts
    devtheworld7: but agency accounts are good
    devtheworld7: normal accounts risk
    devtheworld7: and he has only ready agency accounts from 400 onwards
    devtheworld7: instant
    devtheworld7: but i think you dont want that much to spend
    devtheworld7: that is why
    hotworm999: i cannot pay for 400 for that account
    devtheworld7: bro
    devtheworld7: let me tell you
    devtheworld7: 400 agency account, i am taking only 400
    devtheworld7: not more than that
    devtheworld7: because of my mistake
    devtheworld7: but no voucher
    devtheworld7: if voucher extra 6
    devtheworld7: i am not charging fee for this deal, but next deal onwards i charge my fees
    devtheworld7: bro, agency accounts, i also have agency fees to bear, and uk here everywhere agency accounts people order a lot
    devtheworld7: so that is the reason no one keeps low
    hotworm999: i know
    hotworm999: just send back money to me
    hotworm999: wait me
    devtheworld7: ok
    devtheworld7: and i will send by today
    devtheworld7: because i converted from pm to fiat
    devtheworld7: now again
    devtheworld7: i need to convert
    devtheworld7: fiat to pm
    hotworm999: ok
    devtheworld7: because local i need to pay them cash
    hotworm999: wait me
    devtheworld7: ok
    devtheworld7: and why cant you add extra 100?
    hotworm999: you need done it today
    devtheworld7: if you can add, i can get a
    devtheworld7: account
    hotworm999: i cannot
    hotworm999: just send back
    devtheworld7: ok
    devtheworld7: send me pm
    hotworm999: okwait
    hotworm999: U4760288
    hotworm999: send back to this PM account
    hotworm999: let me know when you sent
    hotworm999: <ding>
    devtheworld7: ok
    devtheworld7: will be back soon, again got to work, i will update you today
    devtheworld7: as soon as i sent pm
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: ????
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: ???
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: you there
    hotworm999: the money send back?
    hotworm999: <ding>
    devtheworld7: you need wait refund
    devtheworld7: i cant get refund immediate
    devtheworld7: keep patience
    hotworm999: ???
    hotworm999: why
    hotworm999: can you send back today?
    devtheworld7: i need get money back from card and then from card to fiat and perfect money
    devtheworld7: no i cant
    devtheworld7: it takes me 2-3 working days to get money back to bank
    devtheworld7: and then from bank, i need buy m
    devtheworld7: pm
    hotworm999: i send to your PM
    devtheworld7: yes, i convert pm to bank and placed order with client
    devtheworld7: and got card
    devtheworld7: but now
    devtheworld7: you want refund
    devtheworld7: that is why
    hotworm999: just login your PM to my pM its ok
    hotworm999: why so diffcuilt?
    devtheworld7: if i have funds in pm, why cant i transfer
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: so 2 days will be ok?
    devtheworld7: yeah, give me like 2-3 days, i will refund for sure, bro, you just waste my time
    devtheworld7: now all problems
    devtheworld7: but see bank fee and pm fee, and upload fee
    devtheworld7: this is all not mine
    devtheworld7: i did work for you
    devtheworld7: and now you dont want account
    devtheworld7: so it is your problem
    hotworm999: you aid you have thats account
    devtheworld7: i said i will get that account
    hotworm999: but when i send you moneyt you want to me add money
    hotworm999: i said i can add money to buy account
    devtheworld7: i said you not need to add much money, but add just 100, now i just waste account
    devtheworld7: and one card for that
    devtheworld7: but see
    devtheworld7: i cant bear this fee
    devtheworld7: so i will deduct fee and give pm back
    hotworm999: i cannot add 100,
    hotworm999: you said 200
    hotworm999: its 200
    hotworm999: for now
    hotworm999: just send money back its ok
    devtheworld7: i said you, i deduct with fee
    devtheworld7: and give back money
    devtheworld7: and still it will take me 2-3 days.
    devtheworld7: so i will message you
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: hope you not cheat me
    hotworm999: wait you 2 days
    hotworm999: lol
    devtheworld7: i do not like to cheat you
    devtheworld7: but like i said
    devtheworld7: i deduct with fee
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: no problem
    devtheworld7: also
    hotworm999: just send back money to me ,and let me check
    devtheworld7: so total you get back 150
    hotworm999: its will be ok
    devtheworld7: and also card
    hotworm999: get back 150?
    devtheworld7: yes
    devtheworld7: 150 pound
    hotworm999: i pay you 200 ,you send me back 150?
    devtheworld7: yes
    devtheworld7: and card
    hotworm999: why
    devtheworld7: because bro, the fee of card buying
    devtheworld7: and loading
    devtheworld7: thats why i give card
    devtheworld7: and also bank charges and my fee
    hotworm999: you buy card?
    devtheworld7: yes
    hotworm999: which card?
    devtheworld7: visa
    hotworm999: why i dont know
    devtheworld7: you will get the card detail
    hotworm999: i let you load 125
    devtheworld7: no
    devtheworld7: it is not of loading
    devtheworld7: few cards dont work
    devtheworld7: and agencies activate accounts
    devtheworld7: with minimum balances
    hotworm999: lol
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: send back 150
    devtheworld7: they have their rules. so i send back 150
    devtheworld7: ok
    hotworm999: i am wait you
    devtheworld7: i will contact in around 3 days
    devtheworld7: then
    hotworm999: ok
    hotworm999: contact me on friday
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: are you send the mony back/?
    hotworm999: are you a cheat?
    hotworm999: its already 3 days pass
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: online fast1
    hotworm999: you not send the money back
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: shit
    hotworm999: you there
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: <ding>
    hotworm999: shit
    hotworm999: you cheat me?
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