Scammer Beware: Trinet Designs/Kirk Brown

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    May 11, 2010
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    I contacted him for some work.

    I paid for this craiglist script he said he was selling. He took the money in advance, then did not give me the script or transfer my domain to a host that would allow the script to run(he has me give him my domain info to upload script and edit and transfer). Roughly $100

    I then needed a landing page and figured i may as well get him to do it. I paid 1/2 upfront, and after numerous insults hurled my way, 1 week later, no landing page. Even though i told him I had a deadline and was happy to give someone else the work.

    BHW name: Redfaction2

    I wish i made him sign an NDA before even contacting him... BHW should have a digital NDA for the services for sale section..
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