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    Jul 15, 2010
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    Hi there,

    Sorry, I know this is my first post but after doing some digging after being scammed I came across this thread on this forum - I can't post links but the title is - Sophia scammer beware!

    Now then, I'm a content/copywriter and use Freelancer a bit, got chosen from 'Danielle' (who is Sophia according to this thread although it's a guy??). Completed the work very quickly for him/her and didn't get paid. I have him/her on my chat and every time I write something they disappear.

    This is really annoying as it has happened 4 times this year to me from different clients, long term clients too!! I'm pretty sick of it so I wanted to name and shame.

    This will help Google for anyone else searching like I did :

    seriousim google ma il
    Danielle22x on Freelancer buying titles for s.e.xy articles.
    freelancer tooll danielle 22x

    Danielle/Sophia or whatever your name is, this is just the start. I have a friend that lives in Gablitz, Austria, so you might just get a knock on the door!