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Scammed By Wheels70

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Mr Rishav, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Mr Rishav

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    Apr 27, 2013
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    I'm talking about this member :

    I was having adsense JV with guy and he is not responding to me after the payment has came .

    So the matter is like this :
    We were having JV in 3 accounts.
    On 23 FEB he said me that one of the account got disabled there was 2650+ Pound in it . I asked for the TeamViewer ID Password to check by myself but he didn't responded me. He just mailed the email to me and look at this mail from adsense, which is nonsense.

    But I didn't argue with him that day and also believed on him that yes account got banned because I had payment to take from him.
    So I kept working on other account with him where I made over 3K+ pound in 2 accounts .

    ON 14th March , He came to again and said that he got another account, would I like to work on it . I said why not I will
    Then he made a blog and gave me . I was shocked to see that this was the same account which got banned on 23rd feb told by him .
    From there his excuses started , he just kept lieing that this is new account and bla bla bla.
    (I got to know why this is old accnt by the G+ profile which is available in blogs)

    Here is our chat :

    [14-03-2015 03:25:28] Lewis: sorry forgot about blog will do right now
    [14-03-2015 03:25:30] Lewis: gimme 10
    [14-03-2015 03:40:21] Lewis: Dude this template is going to take ages to code right
    [14-03-2015 03:42:41] IM: then *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 03:42:45] IM: this one
    [14-03-2015 03:42:46] IM: ?
    [14-03-2015 03:46:35] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 03:49:34] IM: ad still not live
    [14-03-2015 03:49:55] Lewis: I cant even get main post to show
    [14-03-2015 03:50:08] IM: means
    [14-03-2015 03:50:08] IM: ?
    [14-03-2015 03:50:19] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 03:50:20] Lewis: look
    [14-03-2015 03:50:27] Lewis: its all messed up
    [14-03-2015 03:50:35] IM: it will look like this only
    [14-03-2015 03:50:37] IM: no problem
    [14-03-2015 03:51:02] IM: let work like this till tomorrow nd see how it goes .. if this doesn't work
    [14-03-2015 03:51:12] IM: we wll get bck to old one
    [14-03-2015 03:51:15] Lewis: But its not even showing article
    [14-03-2015 03:51:20] IM: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 03:51:21] Lewis: wont we get banned
    [14-03-2015 03:51:24] IM: showing
    [14-03-2015 03:51:38] Lewis: Oh I see
    [14-03-2015 03:52:15] IM: so how much made in both account till now ?? or means in this account so far this mnth nd how was the rpm ?
    [14-03-2015 03:53:04] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 03:53:07] Lewis: there we go
    [14-03-2015 03:53:12] Lewis: ill check
    [14-03-2015 03:56:27] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 03:56:55] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 03:58:00 | Edited 03:58:03] IM: well remove the ad from the header
    [14-03-2015 03:58:24] Lewis: OK removed
    [14-03-2015 03:59:23] IM: wiaiting for the ads to
    [14-03-2015 03:59:27 | Edited 03:59:32] IM: appear below
    [14-03-2015 04:00:51] Lewis: Taking a while
    [14-03-2015 04:07:22] Lewis: Got you another account
    [14-03-2015 04:07:27] Lewis: 4th account
    [14-03-2015 04:07:28] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 04:07:56] IM: this is 4th one ??
    [14-03-2015 04:08:05] Lewis: Yes 4 th one
    [14-03-2015 04:08:15] Lewis: Ads might take longer to show on this one
    [14-03-2015 04:08:22] IM: then I hv disturb you again :p make this blog in old way only .....
    [14-03-2015 04:08:31] Lewis: haha okay bud
    [14-03-2015 04:08:40] IM: and use that artile only
    [14-03-2015 04:08:45] IM: not this one
    [14-03-2015 04:08:47] Lewis: which article?
    [14-03-2015 04:08:54] IM: same as we use in others
    [14-03-2015 04:09:07] Lewis: Oh okay the *Removed* one?
    [14-03-2015 04:09:11] IM: yea
    [14-03-2015 04:10:18] IM: 3rd accnt also...use the same article nd use the old way only ... not this theme
    [14-03-2015 04:21:25] Lewis: that ok
    [14-03-2015 04:21:26] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 04:21:48] IM: yes
    [14-03-2015 04:22:56] IM: is this the 4th account or hat ?
    [14-03-2015 04:22:57] IM: what
    [14-03-2015 04:23:02] Lewis: Yes
    [14-03-2015 04:23:31] Lewis: Using a fake google profile
    [14-03-2015 04:23:56] IM: but the google+ profile says 31 followers already o_O nd pages views there 65K ..that is similar to that first account where having..
    [14-03-2015 04:24:19] IM: I remember the followers
    [14-03-2015 04:25:58] Lewis: Ah Fuck it.... Ive just put the new adsense account on a new blog on the same blogger.
    [14-03-2015 04:26:10] Lewis: fuck we cant use that anymore
    [14-03-2015 04:26:20] Lewis: google will be able to trace that
    [14-03-2015 04:26:31] Lewis: don't send any traffic
    [14-03-2015 04:28:53] IM: you said me that blogger is suspended then how could you put the code on same blogger ???
    [14-03-2015 04:29:26] Lewis: I think I was wrong. Blogger ACCOUNT is not suspended but the Blog is
    [14-03-2015 04:29:37] Lewis: I must of said wrong thing
    [14-03-2015 04:31:18 | Edited 04:31:21] Lewis: I cant find where I told you that blogger account got suspended?
    [14-03-2015 04:31:39] Lewis: i don't think i ever said blogger account was suspended
    [14-03-2015 04:32:08] Lewis: So pissed off... I spent past 2 weeks making this adsense account
    [14-03-2015 04:32:14] Lewis: now cant use it
    [14-03-2015 04:41:07] Lewis: I cant get a connection to 3rd account
    [14-03-2015 04:41:14] Lewis: will do it in morning
    [14-03-2015 04:41:19] Lewis: as i will have to drive there
    [14-03-2015 04:42:30] IM: you said you putted thead code in old blogger right !!
    you don't maybe but if adsense got banned then blogger attached with that also gets banned and if u try to make new blog and put new adsense code to it ..then also ads will not appear

    as you can see from the screenshot my adsense got banned : *Removed*
    and the blogger attached to it also got banned !! and when i try to put someone's else ads then ads doesn't appear !!

    here ads has appeared that clearly means that adsense was not banned and might have lied to me !!!

    i can just say if you had any problem you could have told me but u did wrong !!!
    you don't know but i woke up at 1PM nd sleep at 9 AM i work for 15-16 hours continoulsy for these money !!
    [14-03-2015 04:43:05] Lewis: What?
    [14-03-2015 04:43:12] Lewis: Dude.... i haven't lied....
    [14-03-2015 04:43:25] Lewis: you can remote in and see for yourself!
    [14-03-2015 04:44:13] IM: if the adsnese got banned ..then blogger also get banned and whenever you put adsense code into it ..ads will never appear and here you can see by yourself only...ad appeared in the blgo whih you just gave me..this means adsense wasn't bannd
    [14-03-2015 04:44:40] IM: I don't need to do these things mate.. I trusted you a lot ....that's only I can say and u ditched me
    [14-03-2015 04:45:01] Lewis: Dude i haven't ditched you
    [14-03-2015 04:45:04] IM: if the adsense got banned the blogger can't show the ads
    [14-03-2015 04:45:05] Lewis: i haven't even lied
    [14-03-2015 04:45:18] IM: why the blog showing the ads ?
    [14-03-2015 04:45:33] Lewis: Because i put the HTML code on
    [14-03-2015 04:45:41] Lewis: i don't use the AdSense widgets
    [14-03-2015 04:45:52] Lewis: like you did in your screenshots
    [14-03-2015 04:45:55] IM: give me html code.. I put it into my banned account and you see adswill not appear
    [14-03-2015 04:46:04] Lewis: OK one sec
    [14-03-2015 04:46:08] IM: ya
    [14-03-2015 04:46:42] Lewis: Are you adding the HTML/JavaScript widget?
    [14-03-2015 04:46:50] IM: yes
    [14-03-2015 04:48:24] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 04:48:34] Lewis: and send me link to your blog
    [14-03-2015 04:49:01] IM: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 04:49:54] Lewis: Have you put code on?
    [14-03-2015 04:49:59] IM: yes
    [14-03-2015 04:50:02] IM: right side
    [14-03-2015 04:50:03] IM: see
    [14-03-2015 04:50:07] IM: adsense written there
    [14-03-2015 04:50:13] IM: blank showing
    [14-03-2015 04:50:43] Lewis: Let me try on the banned blogger again
    [14-03-2015 04:50:57] Lewis: this doesn't make any sense
    [14-03-2015 04:52:33] IM: if adsense is banned then whatever you do.....on that blog no adsense will work..anyones...but ur did means ur adsense wasn't banned

    maybe your blogger only got banned ....but now u saying blogger wasn't banned...as it is right because if blogger as banned you couldn't hv made blog then ..and ads would have appeared !!
    [14-03-2015 04:53:05] Lewis: No AdSense is banned
    [14-03-2015 04:53:07] Lewis: i am not lieing
    [14-03-2015 04:53:59] IM: I showed u my blog also ..if u want you can check with anyone other adsense also ..if dsense get banned ..then blog aatached to them will nvr work !!

    bt urs workin !!
    [14-03-2015 05:06:52] IM: (clap)
    [14-03-2015 05:08:20] Lewis: I don't unerstand
    [14-03-2015 05:08:28] Lewis: im just putting adsense back on blog
    [14-03-2015 05:08:32] Lewis: to see if its working
    [14-03-2015 05:09:08] Lewis: I honestly haven't lied to you. and i will prove it
    [14-03-2015 05:10:19] IM: now we both now bro what is truth leave it !!!
    what is past ..happened in past !!

    well in 2nd account with that theme ads haven't appear till now , please have a look !! I don't it will appear so kindly change it to old one only ..means just remove the theme !!!
    [14-03-2015 05:11:30] Lewis: Dude i really haven't lied though
    [14-03-2015 05:11:39] Lewis: and okay will do
    [14-03-2015 05:16:29] Lewis: Now im really bloody confused
    [14-03-2015 05:16:40] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 05:16:45] Lewis: ad is there but not showing
    [14-03-2015 05:16:50] Lewis: is it showing on yours?
    [14-03-2015 05:18:13] IM: no
    [14-03-2015 05:18:42] Lewis: In one of my browsers it is showing
    [14-03-2015 05:18:45] Lewis: in the other it aint
    [14-03-2015 05:19:53] IM: hmm :|
    [14-03-2015 05:20:06] Lewis: Im so confused
    [14-03-2015 05:20:30] Lewis: Hopefully you can see i am not lieing
    [14-03-2015 05:20:46] Lewis: i even forwarded adsense email
    [14-03-2015 05:21:20] Lewis: we have worked together for months.... i would not scam you
    [14-03-2015 05:22:49] Lewis: changed theme now
    [14-03-2015 05:25:38] IM: well do me a favour !!! you said you made new adsense just now can you give me access of that to check whether is it ture or not ..just to see .. if u can give team viewer I wll come n see
    [14-03-2015 05:27:16] Lewis: Yes that is fine bud
    [14-03-2015 05:27:22] Lewis: gimme a second
    [14-03-2015 05:32:37] Lewis: Found out reason why ads aren't showing now
    [14-03-2015 05:33:57] IM: what ? nd please give team viewer id
    [14-03-2015 05:35:25] Lewis: Sent you email and OK need to download it
    [14-03-2015 05:46:16] IM: ok check
    [14-03-2015 05:47:31] Lewis: *Removed*
    [14-03-2015 05:57:51] IM: hmm
    [14-03-2015 06:03:48] Lewis: ill get more accounts....
    [14-03-2015 06:03:57] Lewis: ive been working with you for almost half a year
    [14-03-2015 06:04:02] Lewis: i wouldn't scam you...
    [14-03-2015 06:04:45] IM: ok np
    [14-03-2015 06:05:33] Lewis: Don't worry dude... you know i always send payment....
    [14-03-2015 06:05:39] Lewis: and this time it was banks fault
    [14-03-2015 06:05:53] Lewis: for taking so long
    [15-03-2015 15:32:15] Lewis: Dude I got the 2nd Account to show the ads
    [15-03-2015 15:32:33] Lewis: dude
    [15-03-2015 15:32:39] Lewis: *Removed*
    [15-03-2015 15:50:42] Lewis: whats going on
    [15-03-2015 17:52:37] Lewis: Are you sending traffic?
    [15-03-2015 21:31:33] Lewis: Buddy am I changing blogs at all? Traffic Seems to have stopped
    [15-03-2015 21:32:20] IM: *Removed*

    this type of rpm Im looking for
    [15-03-2015 21:33:05] Lewis: So 60.36
    [15-03-2015 21:33:08] Lewis: 60.36
    [15-03-2015 21:33:11] Lewis: in pound
    [15-03-2015 21:33:16] IM: 50-55
    [15-03-2015 21:33:26] IM: this is coming from same article
    [15-03-2015 21:33:33] IM: like I gave to you ...
    [15-03-2015 21:33:37] Lewis: Hmmm can I see the website?
    [15-03-2015 21:33:39] IM: something is still missing
    [15-03-2015 21:34:05] Lewis: Can you send link to the blog. I will compare them
    [15-03-2015 21:34:09] IM: *Removed*
    [15-03-2015 21:34:43] Lewis: Has massive advert
    [15-03-2015 21:34:47] Lewis: in right hand corner
    [15-03-2015 21:35:22] IM: three ads only ...
    belowe the title
    nd then after few lines
    [15-03-2015 21:35:52] Lewis: We don't have one in header at the moment
    [15-03-2015 21:36:09] IM: yea ..if u can arrange in header then do ...
    [15-03-2015 21:36:17] IM: then below the title
    [15-03-2015 21:36:22] IM: then after few lines
    [15-03-2015 21:36:24] Lewis: Will do it straight away
    [15-03-2015 21:36:28] IM: one thing
    [15-03-2015 21:36:29] IM: more
    [15-03-2015 21:36:37] IM: give the article same titlte
    [15-03-2015 21:36:42] IM: use also use the same article
    [15-03-2015 21:37:14] Lewis: Okay sure
    [15-03-2015 21:37:26] Lewis: Shall I change blogs while im at it
    [15-03-2015 21:37:35] IM: yes delete oll the blogs
    [15-03-2015 21:37:40] Lewis: OK sure
    [15-03-2015 21:37:41] IM: make a new one
    [15-03-2015 21:39:28] IM: name the blog url also with the *Removed*

    something like this .. I think this much big name will be available
    [15-03-2015 21:47:28] Lewis: 3RD ACCOUNT: *Removed*
    [15-03-2015 22:11:02] Lewis: Bud I cant seem to get the ad to go into the header
    [15-03-2015 22:11:03] Lewis: *Removed*
    [15-03-2015 22:11:16] IM: np
    [15-03-2015 22:11:23] Lewis: Is that OK?
    [15-03-2015 22:11:28] Lewis: That 3rd account BTW
    [15-03-2015 22:11:50] IM: yes it's okay
    [15-03-2015 22:11:51] IM: (y(
    [15-03-2015 22:12:07] Lewis: OK ill make 2nd blog now
    [15-03-2015 22:58:42] IM: well yesterday our talk didn't got any conclusion
    I'm still at my point saying..if adsense gets banned blog also gets banned . then how come that 1st account blog showed the ads when it was already banned. (1st account adsense banned !!)

    1 account banned = blog banned = no ads appear of any account

    then also ads appeared of 4th account !!
    after some times 4th account also got banned as u said !!

    well I would like to see with team viewer 1st account adsense nd bloggers both !!
    [15-03-2015 22:59:36] Lewis: What?
    [15-03-2015 22:59:44] Lewis: "well I would like to see with team viewer 1st account adsense nd bloggers both !!"
    [15-03-2015 23:00:00] Lewis: Dude if you don't believe me when I will just leave this joint venture
    [15-03-2015 23:00:14] Lewis: I take a big risk doing this for a small profit
    [15-03-2015 23:00:42] Lewis: the risk being the Tax man looks at my income
    [15-03-2015 23:00:56] Lewis: but I have full time job already and no reason to scam
    [15-03-2015 23:01:07] IM: i knew you'll say this when i will ask for team viewr.. it was you who chosed to take 25% if you didn't wantd to work you can leave !!
    [15-03-2015 23:01:18] IM: if you hv no reason ..why are panicing
    [15-03-2015 23:01:26] Lewis: Im not paniking
    [15-03-2015 23:01:32] Lewis: I didn't understand your question
    [15-03-2015 23:01:35 | Edited 23:01:52] IM: we are not here making friends , we are here for business
    [15-03-2015 23:01:36] Lewis: what would you like to see
    [15-03-2015 23:01:49] Lewis: Excuse me?
    [15-03-2015 23:02:12] IM: yesterday what i saw.. just totally confused me
    [15-03-2015 23:02:23] IM: till yesterday i believed everything you said
    [15-03-2015 23:02:35 | Edited 23:02:54] IM: if i wouldn't hv belived you .. i would not hv worked with you
    [15-03-2015 23:02:56] IM: till now
    [15-03-2015 23:03:15] IM: but yesterday thing ..totally took me off
    [15-03-2015 23:05:19] IM: speak
    [15-03-2015 23:05:57] Lewis: So what do you want to see?
    [15-03-2015 23:06:15] IM: just the blogger of 1st account
    [15-03-2015 23:08:03] Lewis: What just the account?
    [15-03-2015 23:08:25] IM: i want to see the blogger.com of 1st account which was banned !!
    [15-03-2015 23:24:52] IM: if you don't have any answer of this better tell me , i'll move on because I've been in these types of situation many times...so these things doesn't matter me much now

    only thing will happen to me is another trust broken nothing else !!
    you need me here .. nd i need u because of accounts and money !!
    that's all

    whenever you get the time make the blog of 2nd account as well , same like third one !!

    i will start working in couple of hours when my target wil be over thnx for ur time
    [16-03-2015 00:12:20] IM: well you deleted the blog, i think you don't want work to anymore
    [16-03-2015 00:12:24] IM: well it's okay
    [23-03-2015 00:08:09] IM: will you give the payment or not ..tell me that also
    [27-03-2015 03:55:22] IM: hlo ??
    [27-03-2015 03:57:52] IM: reply man
    [27-03-2015 05:08:16] IM: ?
    [27-03-2015 05:08:18] IM: ?
    [27-03-2015 05:31:28] IM: ;(
    [27-03-2015 15:41:38] IM: ?
    [27-03-2015 17:03:04] IM: why u not replying ?
    [27-03-2015 17:03:13] IM: at least tll me that
    [27-03-2015 20:19:46] IM: ?
    [27-03-2015 20:34:56] IM: ?
    [27-03-2015 23:29:18] IM: ?
    [27-03-2015 23:29:19] IM: ?
    [27-03-2015 23:29:19] IM: ?
    [28-03-2015 04:44:27] IM: (think)
    [28-03-2015 07:44:59] IM: at least give the money for which I worked day n night
    [29-03-2015 00:12:50] IM: ??
    [29-03-2015 02:13:07] IM: (nerd)
    [29-03-2015 04:50:02] IM: (wasntme)
    [29-03-2015 20:00:39] IM: at least send the money man
    [29-03-2015 20:00:42] IM: I need it badly
    [30-03-2015 21:12:16] IM: ;(
    [31-03-2015 17:50:04] IM: why the hell youre not giving my payment for adsense even when you are online
    jst tell me yes or no.. will you give or not
    if you don't reply me today .. i will understand you'll not give and take further action
    [02-04-2015 00:51:04] IM: (angry)
    [02-04-2015 23:18:11] IM: I will post about you on blackhatworld now
    [02-04-2015 23:18:17] IM: you scammed me

    My only question was if adsense got banned on 1 account (23FEB) how could blogger of that account can show the ads, He said that he made new account and by mistakely putted the code on the first account which was banned and ads appeared. LOL this is just non sense talk of him . This guy scammed me 2649 pound of 1 account and over 3K+ Pound of other 2 accounts.
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    wheels70 has been notified he has 48 hours to respond.

    PS. Reminder to all who have current issues, keep it PROFESSIONAL. No name calling or other insults.

    Reminder to everyone else:
    Shit list rule #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
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    I don't think he will coming here on BW !! He might have join BW with some other profile already and seen this thread . I always see's him online on skype but he never responds to any of my messages .
    Banning him or doing anything with will not bring my money back . Just lost the trust on the people around the world .
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    I gave him enough time to respond (sent via skype as well) - and he failed to do so.


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