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Scammed by Trending

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by onymguy, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. onymguy

    onymguy Junior Member

    Jan 22, 2015
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    Hi Mod

    I created a thread to buy a fatwallet account. After that, i have got a pm from BHW user Trending. He shared his skype ID in the PM

    Then we started the conversation in skype:

    - I paid him $100 for the 5 years old slickdeal account.
    - He received the payment and he initiated the withdrawal.
    - He said, once he get the amount in his bank account, he will transfer the fatwallet forum account details
    - After 3 days, i contacted him, No response.
    - He removed me from the contacts

    I have attached the PM message and skype log.

    Please verify the log and take strict action against scammers.

    Trending send a PM on 11-29-2015, 03:36 PM
    Title Fatwell 5 years of age
    Msg - Add my skype its

    skype log history:
    [12/8/2015 11:24:08 PM] Trending9: ok u can send service.
    [12/8/2015 11:24:11 PM] Trending9: but might have to wait
    [12/8/2015 11:24:14 PM] Trending9: until money goes out.
    [12/8/2015 11:28:52 PM] Guru: usually how long it will take?
    [12/8/2015 11:29:07 PM] Trending9: Not sure services sometimes pend
    [12/8/2015 11:36:38 PM] Guru: so, you want to make the deal?
    [12/8/2015 11:38:11 PM] Trending9: Yes
    [12/8/2015 11:38:47 PM] Trending9: But we need to see how long it will pend for.
    [12/8/2015 11:39:53 PM] Guru: give me your paypal
    [12/8/2015 11:40:45 PM] Trending9: How much u sending again?
    [12/8/2015 11:42:00 PM] Guru: 100 USD
    [12/8/2015 11:42:09 PM] Trending9: 100 US Dollar equals
    66.64 British Pound
    [12/8/2015 11:42:14 PM] Trending9: send £66
    [12/8/2015 11:42:40 PM] Trending9: **email removed**
    [12/8/2015 11:42:47 PM] Trending9: try that see how long it says it takes.
    [12/8/2015 11:47:48 PM] Trending9: ?
    [12/8/2015 11:48:23 PM] Guru: sent
    [12/8/2015 11:49:39 PM] Guru: did u check?
    [12/8/2015 11:50:06 PM] Trending9: checking
    [12/8/2015 11:50:41 PM] Trending9: What did u send it as?
    [12/8/2015 11:51:24 PM] Guru: 66 GBP
    [12/8/2015 11:51:42 PM] Trending9: I meant as service
    [12/8/2015 11:51:44 PM] Trending9: or gift or what
    [12/8/2015 11:51:51 PM] Guru: service
    [12/8/2015 11:52:11 PM] Trending9: Ok we need to wait 72 hours then I will email u login details ok?
    [12/8/2015 11:52:29 PM] Guru: fine
    [12/8/2015 11:52:37 PM] Trending9: that way were both secure.
    [12/8/2015 11:52:51 PM] Guru: which is city and ip that you use to login?
    [12/8/2015 11:53:10 PM | Edited 11:53:45 PM] Guru: is it in pending state?
    [12/8/2015 11:53:47 PM] Trending9: the withdrawel will be pending.
    [12/8/2015 11:54:58 PM] Guru: but, my payment is not pending right?
    [12/8/2015 11:55:28 PM] Trending9: no so I can either refund or we can wait 72h
    [12/8/2015 11:55:40 PM] Trending9: i make sure i get my money out of paypal before anything weird happens.
    [12/8/2015 11:55:55 PM] Trending9: u know i can refund u i already did it but if u can wait 72h then u will get the account.
    [12/8/2015 11:55:57 PM] Guru: lol,
    [12/8/2015 11:55:59 PM] Guru: refund then
    [12/8/2015 11:56:34 PM] Guru: last time, you said, my payment was pending, so, you can not trust
    [12/8/2015 11:56:45 PM] Trending9: yes and i refunded u last time.
    [12/8/2015 11:56:56 PM] Trending9: But when i withdraw
    [12/8/2015 11:56:57 PM] Guru: now, payment is not pending
    [12/8/2015 11:56:58 PM] Trending9: it will pend.
    [12/8/2015 11:57:11 PM] Trending9: its pending now on withdrawel so yes its still pending
    [12/8/2015 11:57:11 PM] Guru: then, what is the issue?
    [12/8/2015 11:57:33 PM] Guru: fine, looks like, you never trust
    [12/8/2015 11:57:35 PM] Guru: you can refund
    [12/8/2015 11:58:34 PM] Trending9: i already withdrew its pending cant cancel withdrawel
    [12/8/2015 11:58:41 PM] Trending9: u said u could wait 72 h whats the problem lol
    [12/9/2015 12:00:49 AM] Guru: so, then send me the account details. you already inititated the payment
    [12/9/2015 12:01:10 AM] Trending9: yes but its not out so if u change acc details and dispute
    [12/9/2015 12:01:15 AM] Trending9: it cancels my withdrawel.
    [12/9/2015 12:01:20 AM] Trending9: so im not 100% yet am i.
    [12/9/2015 12:02:42 AM] Guru: last time, you sent the invoice from another pp
    [12/9/2015 12:02:46 AM] Guru: is this same account ?
    [12/9/2015 12:03:12 AM] Trending9: no this is my friends account i owe him for a dinner tab we had.
    [12/9/2015 12:03:16 AM] Trending9: and he withdrew it
    [12/9/2015 12:03:26 AM] Trending9: and said it says 72h to withdraw
    [12/9/2015 12:05:45 AM] Guru: why you gave ur friends account? how he will be responsible for the deal that we make?
    [12/9/2015 12:05:48 AM] Guru: did you tell him?
    [12/9/2015 12:06:11 AM] Trending9: i told him im selling an account and last time it was sent to my account it was pending
    [12/9/2015 12:06:19 AM] Guru: I will dispute the transation, if i dont get the account after 72 hrs
    [12/9/2015 12:06:20 AM] Trending9: and as i owed him some £ i said can we send to you
    [12/9/2015 12:06:26 AM] Trending9: that's fine man
    [12/9/2015 12:06:32 AM] Trending9: u will get it
    [12/9/2015 12:06:47 AM] Guru: ok
    [12/9/2015 12:08:02 AM] Trending9: just in case it takes a few mins extra or something we will say from right now.
    [12/9/2015 12:08:08 AM] Trending9: 18:38pm gmt.
    [12/9/2015 12:08:09 AM] Trending9: ok
    [12/9/2015 12:08:22 AM] Trending9: no account by then dispute but i will email u as soon as it hits bank.
    [12/9/2015 12:11:50 AM] Guru: ok
    [12/11/2015 1:58:10 AM] Guru: any update?
    [12/11/2015 11:51:05 PM] Guru: u there man?
    [12/12/2015 1:02:27 PM] Guru: ?
    [12/12/2015 11:34:12 PM] *** Guru would like to add you on Skype

    Hi Trending9, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
    [12/12/2015 11:34:20 PM] Guru: hey
    [12/13/2015 7:05:33 PM] Guru: hello?
    [11:12:18 PM] *** Guru would like to add you on Skype

    Hi Trending9, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
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  2. Apricot

    Apricot Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 26, 2013
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    BHW Admin
    Station 2E
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    has been notified he has 48 hours to respond.

    PS. Reminder to all who have current issues, keep it PROFESSIONAL. No name calling or other insults.

    Reminder to everyone else:
    Shit list rule #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
  3. 211Silent

    211Silent BANNED BANNED

    Jul 8, 2015
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    I posted a thread wanting to exchange PayPal for Paxum and he contacted me via PM. He showed me via Skype video chat that he has the funds in Paxum and then asked I used the "friends and family" feature so he didnt have to pay any fees. Once the funds were sent, he confirmed receipt and said I had to wait until he was able to withdraw it or I could get an immediate refund (He didnt say I would have to wait upfront, I thought it was going to be a quick transaction) so I asked for a refund, he said "One minute please" then blocked me from Skype and off he went.

    Sadly it appears he was using a new BHW account, new PayPal and new Skype so likely he is reading this from his new ID laughing at us. I have a fraud dispute open with PayPal but Im 95% positive he is churning and burning those accounts too.
  4. orgut

    orgut Junior Member

    Mar 10, 2015
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    I also got scammed by trending
    I asked for an ebay account (didnt notice it was not allowed in here) after doing so he contacted me on a pm saying I should skype him
    we talked and I tried paypaling him he said he cant put it in his bank so I stupidly agreed - He scammed me for 800$ - after that he took me out of his friends list
    1. I hope you can delete him from this forum and pernamently ban him and his IP so it wont happen to others
    2. I hope he use this money for medicines
  5. 211Silent

    211Silent BANNED BANNED

    Jul 8, 2015
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    I'm pretty sure this scammer is already under a new forum username, new skype and new IP already working on building up his post count to 15 so that he can PM members and scam others. Lesson learned, don't do business with newbies.
  6. Sparatcus

    Sparatcus Junior Member

    Jul 2, 2013
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    I knew this guy was a scammer. I spoke to him a few times about buying some paypal accounts. He told me the same thing that once I paid him, he would have to transfer the funds and then provide me the account details. That's when I stopped talking to him.
  7. Apricot

    Apricot Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 26, 2013
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    BHW Admin
    Station 2E
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    No response to thread - Trending has been banned.